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Busch Gardens' Flamingo Dies After Alleged Attack by Park Visitor

45-year-old man accused of flinging Pinky to the ground in Tampa

(Newser) - Sad news for fans of Pinky the flamingo, one of Busch Gardens Tampa's "animal ambassadors," per a park statement. The 19-year-old bird, who performed dance routines at the park and loved to "get her groove on," per the park's blog , was euthanized Tuesday evening... More »

Boo! Where to Go for Halloween

(Newser) - If you like being scared, this is your time of year. Here are nine of the best sites to visit in the US and Canada in honor of Halloween, according to Reuters:
  1. Six Flags Parks in the US and Canada
  2. Universal Studios, Hollywood
  3. The Haunted Adventure, Toronto
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2 Stories