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Bush Campaign Manager, Ex-RNC Chair Comes Out

Ken Mehlman: I'm now 'a happier person'

(Newser) - The manager of George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign, who later served as chairman of the RNC, is gay. "It's taken me 43 years to get comfortable with this part of my life," Mehlman tells Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic . "I wish I was where I am... More »

10 Gay Men Straight Women Find Hot

Plus 2 heartthrobs who may or may not be in the closet

(Newser) - With "is she or isn't she" the hot topic of the week, Irin Carmon of Jezebel leaves behind discussions of the Supreme Court for straight-up eye candy: gay men straight women find hot. See the slideshow for a preview, and click here for the full roster—and two bonus... More »

How to Work Museums Into Kids' Summers

Teach your cubs something—and make sure they, and you, actually enjoy it

(Newser) - For kids, summer means endless hours at the pool—but parents don't want them to grow up culturally underfed cretins, either. Emily Bazelon offers Slate readers a few suggestions for turning a summer museum trip into an outing the young'uns (and you) will actually enjoy:
  • Keep it simple. Kids have
... More »

Out Names Most Powerful Gays

And mag ejects Anderson Cooper from closet

(Newser) - Out magazine's Gay Power 50 boasts plenty of people with plenty of influence over politics and pop culture:
  1. David Geffen: Look at the headlines this Hollywood bigwig sparked when he endorsed Barack Obama for proof of his broad influence.
  2. Anderson Cooper: Turn on CNN. Enough said.
  3. Ellen DeGeneres: Her daily
... More »

Why Couldn’t Rowling Just Let Dumbledore Be?

'Pathetic' closeted wizard does nothing for equality, writer argues

(Newser) - The outed Dumbledore is loveless and pathetic, says Time’s John Cloud. He sees no progress for gay equality in JK Rowling's revelation, but rather a role model as problematic as Larry Craig. Shouldn’t the writer be happy with the news about Harry Potter’s heroic mentor? “Yes,... More »

5 Stories