Terri Schiavo

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Brain-Dead Teen's Family: Hospital Is Starving Her

Family say hospital 'hellbent' on ending Jahi's life

(Newser) - The family of Jahi McMath , the California 13-year-old declared brain dead after tonsil surgery, is still desperately trying to find a doctor willing to operate on the daughter hospital officials refer to as a corpse. The McMath family has reached out on social media and elsewhere in their quest to... More »

Last Hope for Brain-Dead Teen: Facility Dedicated to Terri Schiavo?

Schiavo organization also helping Jahi McMath's family

(Newser) - A brain-injury treatment center dedicated to Terri Schiavo is trying to help the family of Jahi McMath , the California teen left brain-dead after tonsil surgery. Allyson Scerri founded New Beginnings in Medford, New York, in 2011, and Schiavo's mother and brother took part in the ribbon-cutting when it opened.... More »

Thompson Calls Right to Die a Family Decision

After daughter's death, candidate won't make issue 'political football'

(Newser) - Fred Thompson opened up yesterday about the 2002 death of his daughter, saying end-of-life decisions should be made by families, not governments. Betsy Thompson Panici died at age 38 after an accidental prescription drug overdose, ABC News reports. The GOP hopeful said the kinds of choices his family had to... More »

3 Stories