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10 Gross Violations at Celeb Restaurants

Even Ryan Gosling's restaurant is not necessarily safe

(Newser) - Thinking it might be fun to go out to eat at a celebrity-owned restaurant? Well, you might think twice about that idea after reading Radar's list of 20 health code violations found at such establishments. A sampling:
  • At the Chicago location of Pete Wentz's Angels & Kings Bar,
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These 10 Songs Were Meant for Other Singers

Janet Jackson could have sung 'How Will I Know'

(Newser) - Can't picture anyone other than Whitney Houston singing "How Will I Know"? Well, Janet Jackson was offered the song first, reports Entertainment Tonight . Nine more songs that were originally intended for someone else:
  • Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body" was originally offered to Michael Jackson—as
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Gloria Estefan Grills Obama—About Xmas

Singer gets into the nitty-gritty—about Christmas—with the president

(Newser) - Gloria Estefan’s interview with President Obama—conducted for a Univision Christmas special—didn't exactly delve into immigration reform or health care. Politico offers up the complete transcript. Some of the, uh, highlights:
  • Urgent matters: “I have a very important question to start off this interview,” Estefan says.
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'Dancing' Curse Strikes Again as Osmond Faints

'Stars' samba saps singer, who bounces back with a smile

(Newser) - Marie Osmond's samba last night was so energetic that she passed out, becoming the latest "Dancing With the Stars" star to suffer some bad juju. Osmond hit the deck just before a commercial and was fine when the show resumed with a rattled Tom Bergeron at the helm. "... More »

4 Stories