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DWTS Host: I'd Better Not Interview Brown Tonight

Tom Bergeron says he can't promise to avoid mentioning meltdown

(Newser) - Chris Brown will appear as planned on Dancing with the Stars tonight, but host Tom Bergeron says producers shouldn't expect him to interview the singer unless they want to see someone bust a window. Bergeron says he can't promise to avoid mentioning Brown's well-publicized temper tantrum following his Good Morning ... More »

ABC: Boos on DWTS Weren't for Palin

Network says audience was booing scores, not her

(Newser) - Sarah Palin made a front-row appearance in support of daughter Bristol on Dancing With the Stars last night, complete with a booing controversy. Just before she appeared on camera, as Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were discussing their dance, boos could be heard from the hall, Mediaite notes. ABC says... More »

Tom DeLay to Dance With Stars

(Newser) - Here's to hoping Tom DeLay is better at dancing than he is at obeying campaign finance laws. Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron announced this season’s cast on Good Morning America this morning, and it included the former House majority leader. Bergeron said even he was floored when... More »

'Dancing' Curse Strikes Again as Osmond Faints

'Stars' samba saps singer, who bounces back with a smile

(Newser) - Marie Osmond's samba last night was so energetic that she passed out, becoming the latest "Dancing With the Stars" star to suffer some bad juju. Osmond hit the deck just before a commercial and was fine when the show resumed with a rattled Tom Bergeron at the helm. "... More »

4 Stories