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When to Offer $10,415.87 Instead of $10K for a Car

Precision bids don't work on experts

(Newser) - If you've ever wondered whether to offer a specific or rounded bid when making a major purchase, scientists say they've got some answers, and it largely depends on the expertise of the person with whom you're negotiating. Reporting in the journal Psychological Science , researchers say that precise... More »

Times Co. Takes Globe Off Market

Boston paper's finances have 'significantly improved'

(Newser) - The New York Times Company has decided not to sell the Boston Globe after all, its chairman told workers in a late-afternoon email today, saying that the financial picture has “significantly improved” for the 137-year-old newspaper in recent months after various cost-cutting and revenue-boosting moves. Two groups did bid... More »

Olympic Snub Has Silver Lining for Chicago

Good ideas and sober assessments made during bid should go forward

(Newser) - Chicago failed in its bid to land the Olympics, but look on the bright side, the Tribune urges: If the city builds on the bright ideas and redevelopment plans designed to sway the IOC, it can have all the benefits with none of the hassle. “Bidding for an Olympiad... More »

22-Year-Old's Virginity Auction Tops $3.7M

Grad student says 10,000 men have bid for night of passion

(Newser) - The 22-year-old woman who is auctioning her virginity says she's received some 10,000 bids topping $3.7 million, the Telegraph reports. The offers range the “graphically sexual” to “polite requests from rich businessmen,” says the girl, who goes by “Natalie Dylan” in the auction. “... More »

Monet Sells for Record $80.4M

Rare waterlily work attracts high bidders at Christie's

(Newser) - One of Monet’s rare waterlily paintings sold at Christie’s in London tonight for more than $80 million, a record price for the artist, the New York Times reports. At least six buyers competed for Le Bassin aux Nympheas, a 1919 work from a series of paintings considered among... More »

Monet Sells for Record $41M

Painting fetches tidy sum at Christie's

(Newser) - A Monet painting sold at Christie’s tonight for $41.4 million, a record price for the artist, the New York Times reports. Three bidders competed for the 1873 impressionist painting “The Railroad Bridge at Argenteuil,” which Christie’s estimated would go for $35 million. The high bid... More »

NFL Team Yanks $275K Bid for

Dallas claims it intended to offer just $275 for domain

(Newser) - The Dallas Cowboys wanted the domain name, but not that badly. The team had to withdraw a winning bid of $275,000 after realizing how much it had offered; the 'Boys claimed they intended to bid only $275 in a URL auction conducted by phone this month, ComputerWorld... More »

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