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Cuba to Free 52 Dissidents

Decision could save life of man on hunger strike

(Newser) - Cuba has promised to release 52 political prisoners, after one of them went on an attention-grabbing hunger strike. Guillermo Fariñas, a 48-year-old psychologist and journalist, has been hospitalized thanks to his hunger strike, which he began back in February, after a previous hunger striker starved to death. Spanish foreign... More »

Cuba Denounces Arizona Immigration Law

Reminding us that the state itself was 'stolen from the noble Mexican people'

(Newser) - Cuba is getting in on the outrage over Arizona's illegal immigration crackdown. A declaration from the Cuban Parliament today declared solidarity with “those who're facing the brutal violation of their human rights” at the hands of “a law of deep racist and xenophobic nature,” according to the... More »

Castro Offers Prisoner Swap, Talks With US

Raul promises to free dissidents in exchange for Cuban 5

(Newser) - In another sign of a potential thaw in US-Cuban relations, Raul Castro offered today to release five political dissidents if the US frees five Cubans jailed on spy charges. Castro says the prisoner swap could precede talks between himself and Barack Obama, Reuters reports. “Give us back our five... More »

Cuban Youth Prefer Facebook to Revolution

They're resigned to small freedoms, not sweeping change

(Newser) - Cuba's youth are restless, but many are more concerned about access to Facebook, flat-screen TVs, and trips abroad than political change, reports the Christian Science Monitor. Young people say that they pressured Raul Castro to allow cell phone and computer ownership, but they remain disillusioned about the prospects for greater... More »

Bush to Urge Cubans to Rise Up

Calls power transition from Fidel to brother unacceptable

(Newser) - President Bush is expected to make a landmark speech on Cuba today, calling the transfer of power from Fidel Castro to his brother Raul unacceptable to the United States. The president will also address the Cuban people, urging them to resist "the force of a dying regime," reports... More »

5 Stories