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Top Threat to Rare Languages: Growing Economies

Zoologist turns from endangered animals to endangered tongues

(Newser) - There are some 6,909 languages spoken today, but many are on the decline, and the biggest reason, researchers find, is economic growth. Researchers studied the 649 languages for which growth and decline data was available to determine the leading factors driving the change, Science magazine reports. In order to... More »

2010 Clinton Speech Could Trip Obama Today

Because he's giving his speech today in the same place

(Newser) - President Obama is set to give a speech in Ohio today, but his choice of venue might prove kind of awkward. Bill Clinton spoke at the same Cleveland-area community college ahead of the 2010 elections, USA Today points out, and he said these unwise-in-hindsight words: "We found a big... More »

If Payroll Tax Cuts Expire, Here's What Happens...

...according to economists, who share their forecasts with WaPo

(Newser) - We know the "what": The payroll tax cut is set to expire within days, meaning changes to jobless benefits and doctors who treat Medicare patients will kick in, and the average American will miss out on $40 a paycheck . The Washington Post explores the "what does it mean"... More »

Economy Surges, But Trouble Looms

Q4 economy up 3.7%, but slowdown dangers lie ahead

(Newser) - Surging economic data, such as new construction, small business confidence, and initial jobless benefit claims, show the American economy is growing at the fastest clip since the recession started—at 3.7% annualized in the fourth quarter, that's four times faster than it was growing at the start of... More »

Recession Worse Than Thought; GDP Growth Weak

Economy grew just 1.3% over past three months

(Newser) - We already knew the Great Recession was the worst in decades, but in fact we were even worse off than we thought, new figures show. The economy shrank 5.1% over the course of the recession, from 2007 to 2009—1 percentage point worse than the earlier estimate of 4.... More »

Asian Billionaires Storm Forbes Richest List

China adds remarkable share of world's newly minted billionaires

(Newser) - Asian magnates are the huge scorers in the annual Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, with 234 making the cut this year, compared to 130 last year. That's 23% of the 1,011 people worldwide on the list, up from 16%. And Asia is minting new billionaires like mad:... More »

In Recovery, Business Will Profit at Workers' Expense

Short-term outlook 'great for business, terrible for households'

(Newser) - The economy is slowly improving, but companies will see the benefits long before the unemployed and underemployed will, Bloomberg reports. A Department of Labor report released yesterday found that the average workweek is at a near-record low of 33.1 hours. The lack of uptick in part-time hours is an... More »

Hong Kong, Singapore Emerge From Recession

(Newser) - Hong Kong emerged from the recession with a bang last quarter, posting better-than-expected growth of 3.3% from April to June. The Chinese territory suffered four quarters of contraction but came out of the red thanks to a pickup in exports and increased private consumption. Singapore also blasted out of... More »

France, Germany Pull Out of Recession

(Newser) - The two largest economies in Europe pulled out of the recession last quarter, with Germany and France both posting 0.3% growth between April and June, reports the Wall Street Journal. The figures were far better than expected, and the French finance minister described the result as "very surprising.... More »

Economy 'Back From the Abyss:' Summers

(Newser) - President Obama's top economist is confident that swift action by the administration averted disaster, ABC News reports. “We were at the brink of catastrophe at the beginning of the year,” Larry Summers says, “but we have walked some substantial distance back from the abyss.” Summers credits... More »

India's Boom Does Little for Malnourished Children

42.5% remain underweight despite efforts to fix crisis

(Newser) - India’s economy has soared for a decade, but what its prime minister calls its “national shame” remains: malnourished, underdeveloped children, the New York Times reports. While growing China has cut its proportion of underweight children to 7%, India’s stands at 42.5%. Some say the government doesn’... More »

Obama Budget Relies on Rosy Growth Estimates

(Newser) - President Obama is more optimistic about the nation's economic prospects than most economists, Bloomberg reports. His budget plan forecasts a GDP contraction of 1.2% this year, followed by a 3.2% expansion in 2010. The median forecast of economists calls for a contraction of 2% this year and growth... More »

Japan Economy Shrinks by Most in 35 Years

4th-quarter contraction of 3.3% was 3 times worse than US

(Newser) - Japan's economy contracted by a shocking 3.3% in the fourth quarter of 2008, three times worse than the US and the worst performance in 35 years. The Financial Times reports that a sharp drop in exports contributed to the slump—the third straight quarter of negative growth. The figures... More »

Bush Years Were Dark for US Economy

'We really went nowhere for almost 10 years,' says economist

(Newser) - The Bush years have not been good ones for the economy, the Washington Post reports, based on an analysis of economic data and discussions with economists of all stripes. Job growth for Bush’s tenure amounts to just 2%, the smallest 8-year gain on record, and GDP grew at its... More »

Chinese Exports See First Drop in 7 Years

Unexpected 2.2% fall has analysts fearing major crisis for powerful economy

(Newser) - China’s exports have taken a sudden, unexpected hit from the global economic crisis, possibly an early indication that the world’s fourth-largest economy is on the verge of crisis. Exports, expected to rise at least 15%, shrunk instead by 2.2%, marking the first such fall in 7 years... More »

To Avoid Recession, Cheer Up: Aussie Pol

Finance minister pushes power of the positive

(Newser) - Australia's finance minister apparently didn't see what happened to Phil Gramm  last summer when he declared that the US economic slowdown was "mental" and called Americans a "nation of whiners."  The recession would disappear, said Ken Henry, if Australians would  just buck up, Australia’s News... More »

GDP Grew More in Q2 Than First Reported

Commerce Department revision shows healthier growth

(Newser) - GDP growth was higher than initially reported in the second quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports. Commerce Department revisions put the increase at a seasonally adjusted 3.3% annual rate—the original estimate was 1.9%. Businesses decreased their inventories less than previously thought. At the same time, exports rose... More »

World Economy Falls With US

Nations hit hard by mortgage crisis, high fuel costs

(Newser) - Gone is the hope that the global economy will stay strong as America's financial fortunes flag. The world’s largest economies are showing signs of a slowdown, the New York Times reports. Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, even famously fast-growing India and China are all taking a hit.... More »

Oil Drops; Stocks Follow

Gray day on Street ahead of Fed's policy meeting

(Newser) - Stocks closed down today, giving back gains from an early rally despite a nearly $4 drop in crude oil prices as worries about economic growth and inflation persisted, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Dow fell 42.17 to close at 11,284.15, the Nasdaq lost 25.40 and... More »

Stocks Fall on Economic Reports

Two-day rally quashed, ending July on a sour note

(Newser) - Stocks fell today as worrying economic reports put an end to a 2-day rally, MarketWatch reports. Financials slipped, and energy stocks took a hit as Exxon’s record profit failed to meet analysts' expectations and crude prices continued to fall. The Dow dropped 204.69 to 11,379.00. The... More »

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