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Private Spying Companies Sell Lists of Rape Victims

Along with people with HIV, dementia, more

(Newser) - Secretive data companies are tracking almost every American's every move online—and compiling and selling disturbingly targeted lists based on that spying, a new Senate Commerce Committee report concludes. That includes lists of rape victims, people suffering from ailments including HIV, AIDS, and dementia, and people with substance abuse... More »

US May Require Brake Override Systems

Obama administration 'looking at it,' LaHood says

(Newser) - The Obama administration is considering ordering automakers to install brake override systems in their new cars, Ray LaHood told the Senate Commerce Committee today. “We’re looking at it,” the transportation secretary said, in a hearing on the runaway Toyota problem. “We think it is a good... More »

Hello, Senators? Greedy Cell Phone Biz Needs Attention

(Newser) - It's nice to see Congress looking out for the cell phone customer with hearings on carrier exclusivity, but there's plenty of dubious practices in the business they should look into before they worry about getting us all Verizon iPhones, David Pogue writes in the New York Times. 
  • Texting fees.
... More »

McCain Fumbles for Right Tone on Economy

Seeks to overcome charges he's out of touch, can't see trouble

(Newser) - John McCain struck his latest discordant note on Monday when he described the economy's fundamentals as "strong" even as the financial system shuddered under hammer blows. McCain swiftly backpedaled, calling America's workers its fundamentals, but the issue highlights the candidate's struggle to overcome Democratic charges that he's out of... More »

Mac Fathered BlackBerry, Staffer Claims

Dems scoff at Gore moment; aide calls it 'boneheaded joke'

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s campaign was quick to mock a staffer’s claim today that John McCain helped create the BlackBerry, the Hill reports. An aide suggested that the Republican’s service on the Senate Commerce Committee, which concerns itself with telecommunications, qualified him as a father of the ubiquitous device—... More »

Saint John Still Tainted by Senate Murk

Ethics crusader is still no stranger to lobbying culture

(Newser) - With John McCain the presumptive Republican nominee, Democrats are rushing to expose chinks in the Arizona senator's saintly armor, Michael Scherer reports in Time. Though McCain talks tough about special interests, he has often appeared to have done their bidding. He once, for example, wrote a letter on behalf of... More »

Web Radio Takes Fight to Senate

Negotiations have stalled in new royalty plan, they say

(Newser) - Internet radio hangs in the balance, webcasters say, but the Senate Commerce Committee, which holds radio hearings today, can save it by reviving bills setting royalty rates for online broadcasters as low as satellite radio's. Legislators introduced the bills this spring, the Post explains, when the Copyright Royalty Board jacked... More »

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