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Chefs Going Underground to Test Limits

Covert, communal dining catching on, to health officials' chagrin

(Newser) - Across the country, stealthy foodies are dropping coin and risking, if not imprisonment, then a strong reprimand, to dine at so-called “underground restaurants,” the New York Times reports. Intrepid chefs are experimenting with creative recipes in communal settings, skipping from apartment to apartment, often just steps ahead of... More »

Dining by the Dozen

Restaurants with communal tables offer a great way to meet new people

(Newser) - Care for a cozy table for a 10 or more? More restaurants are embracing the idea of communal dining, in which strangers sit down to eat together at a big table. Dana Cowin of Food & Wine magazine tells USA Today her favorite spots:
  1. Cibo, Austin, Texas
  2. Resto, New York
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2 Stories