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Baby Samba Queen Finishes Last

7-year-old's breakdown knocks group down into 2nd division

(Newser) - The Brazilian samba group that sparked intense controversy by choosing a child as its sexy drum corps queen has finished the Rio de Janeiro carnival in last place. After 7-year-old Julia Lira broke down crying in the heat of the spotlight, Viradouro placed so badly in both the drum corps... More »

Carnival Samba Queen, 7, Breaks Down

Rio spotlight too much for youngest drum corps queen

(Newser) - In the end it wasn't the angry child welfare advocates or the family court judge that hampered seven-year-old samba queen Julia Lira from carrying out her controversial role at the Rio de Janeiro carnival: It was Lira herself. Lira broke down in tears just 10 minutes into last night's parade,... More »

Samba Queen, 7, Sparks Uproar

Critics say child shouldn't be used for sex symbol's role

(Newser) - Rio de Janiero's famous carnival has been hit by controversy over plans to give a role usually reserved for a sex symbol to a 7-year-old girl. Julia Lira has been chosen to head the drum corps from the samba school her father owns, but the move has drawn protests from... More »

It's Carnival! (But Crisis Hangover Looms)

Money dries up, but Brazil keeps on partying

(Newser) - Wednesday is the start of Lent, but until then millions are sambaing in the streets of Brazil in the days-long bacchanal known as Carnival. While the celebrations in Rio de Janiero are as big as ever, the economic crisis is taking its toll on the massive party. Corporate sponsorship for... More »

Tom's Geography Needs Work

Star confuses Brazil with Spain

(Newser) - Tom Cruise is on a roll with the gaffes as he promotes Valkyrie in Rio de Janeiro, the New York Post reports. First the star tried to be cute by saying hola and gracias to reporters—forgetting that Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish. Cruise also said he loves Brazil for... More »

Brazil Govt. Targets Carnival Debauchery

Sex-crazed partygoers get free condoms, morning-after pills

(Newser) - As Brazil prepares to indulge in the 5-day party known as Carnival, the president is spearheading a campaign to get samba-crazed revelers to practice safe sex and drink in moderation. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva told Brazilians to have fun in his weekly radio address, AFP reports, but reminded them... More »

Dancing With the Stars Smokes Cuban

Mel B finishes first as lack of technique sends billionaire to exit

(Newser) - No magic lamp could save Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban from losing his small-screen wingtips last night, as the billionaire was bumped from “Dancing with the Stars.” Cuban, who’s lost 30 pounds and one goatee since his stint began, entertained with a samba inspired by “I... More »

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