Kim Dae jung

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S. Korea's Former First Lady Meets Kim Jong Un

Heads one of two private mourning delegations from Seoul

(Newser) - South Korea's 89-year-old former first lady is in Pyongyang meeting with the North's new 20-something "Supreme Commander," reports the BBC . Lee Hee-Ho, the wife of late President Kim Dae-Jung, headed one of two delegations South Korea allowed to visit Pyongyang to pay respects to Kim's... More »

Nobelist Peacemaker Kim Dae-Jung Dies at 85

(Newser) - Kim Dae-jung, the former South Korean president who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his reconciliation efforts with the North, died today at age 85. He had been hospitalized with pneumonia since last month. As a pro-democracy opposition lawmaker, Kim built a reputation as a passionate champion of human rights... More »

South Korean Spies Admit Kidnapping Future Prez

They abducted Kim Dae-jung in 1973

(Newser) - South Korea's spy agency has admitted that it kidnapped future president Kim Dae-jung in 1973, the BBC reported. The abduction of the opposition leader was approved by then leader Park Chung-hee and may have been intended to end in assassination. Agents grabbed Kim from a Tokyo hotel and bundled him... More »

3 Stories