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Elderly Nun Proves We Have a Nuclear Security Problem

Sophisticated thieves could easily steal highly enriched uranium

(Newser) - In 2009, a gang of masked men landed a helicopter on a Swedish cash depot, blew open its skylight, and made off with millions of dollars in less than 20 minutes, while throwing the police off their scent with a fake bomb and road spikes. What would happen if thieves... More »

6 Nuke Waste Tanks Leaking in Wash. State

Gov. Jay Inslee: 'I am alarmed about this'

(Newser) - Scary news in Washington state: Radioactive waste is leaking from at least six tanks at a nuclear site 185 miles southeast of Seattle, AFP reports. Gov. Jay Inslee met with US Energy Secretary Steven Chu about it in Washington, DC, when the Department of Energy announced the leaks on Friday.... More »

Petraeus: Iran Nuke Sites 'Can Be Bombed'

US mulls options beyond sanctions, diplomacy, general warns

(Newser) - General David Petraeus indicated yesterday that the US has contingency plans to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities if diplomacy and sanctions fail. "They certainly can be bombed," he told CNN . "It would be almost literally irresponsible if Centcom were not to have been thinking about the various 'what... More »

Iran to Allow Inspectors at Qom Site on Oct. 25

IAEA head says Tehran is moving toward 'transparency and cooperation' on nuclear issue

(Newser) - Iran will allow UN inspectors into the newly-disclosed nuclear facility near the city of Qom on October 25, the head of the IAEA said yesterday, a day after arriving in Tehran. Iran and the West seem to be “shifting gears from confrontation into transparency and cooperation," he added... More »

US Spies Are Voice of Caution in Iran Debate

Israelis, Europeans believe Tehran is developing warheads

(Newser) - The global intelligence community is at odds over whether Iran is developing nuclear warheads, with US spies insisting it isn’t, and European and Israeli spies begging to differ. In what the New York Times calls a “mirror image” of the Iraq debate, the US say documents found by... More »

Spanish Village Hopes to Profit From H-Bomb Infamy

(Newser) - Being the site of one of the world's worst nuclear accidents is an unlikely thing to build a tourist trade on, but the people of Palomares plan to give it a shot, the Wall Street Journal reports. Four hydrogen bombs fell on the tiny Spanish village after a US bomber... More »

Syria's Alleged Nuke Site Gone in Puff of Smoke

Military facility bombed by Israel is quickly razed, pics show

(Newser) - A Syrian military facility bombed in an Israeli air strike last month has been quickly—and mysteriously—razed and cleared, according to a new photograph taken by a commercial satellite. The Syrian government had been accused of building a nuclear reactor on the site capable of producing weapons, the Washington ... More »

Is US Preparing Iran Air Strikes?

White House asks for bunker-buster funding

(Newser) - A recent White House funding request has heightened speculation that the US is preparing air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities, reports ABC News. The Bush administration has asked for $88 million in emergency funds to modify B-2 stealth bombers so they can carry 30,000 "bunker buster" bombs to... More »

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