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Where4 Art Thou @Romeo?

Royal Shakespeare Company performs tragedy on Twitter

(Newser) - Four hundred-plus years after the first production of Romeo and Juliet, the star-cross'd lovers are playing out their tragic tale in a new medium: Twitter. The Royal Shakespeare Compan's production of Such Tweet Sorrow will play out in real time over the next 5 weeks, with six actors improvising as... More »

'Lost' Shakespeare Play Published

Double Falsehood is no hoax, experts say

(Newser) - A Shakespeare play dismissed as a hoax for nearly 300 years has now been accepted as the real thing. Double Falsehood, now under the name of writer Lewis Theobal, was—as its author always claimed—based on William Shakespeare's long-lost script for Cardenio, scholars say. Shakespeare publisher Arden has now... More »

Pianist's Skull Steals Hamlet Scene

Concert pianist left skull to theater

(Newser) - A concert pianist has appeared on stage in a 22-performance run of Hamlet—26 years after his death. André Tchaikowsky, a Polish Jew who was smuggled out of Warsaw as a child of 7, left his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company upon his death in 1982. It was finally... More »

Troop Crams 118 Years of Shakespeare Into 2 Months

RSC mounts all 8 history plays with one cast in London

(Newser) - Shakespeare's eight history plays cover 118 years of English royal succession, but one troop of actors is going to present the entire span in just two months. The Royal Shakespeare Company has decamped from Stratford-upon-Avon to London, where they are mounting all the plays in repertory on a single set.... More »

Actor Paul Scofield Dead at 86

British star of stage and screen won Oscar for A Man for All Seasons

(Newser) - Paul Scofield, the British actor who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Thomas More in A Man For All Seasons, has died at the age of 86. His agent told Reuters that the actor, who eschewed Hollywood stardom for smaller film roles and a robust theater career, had been... More »

Fake-speare: Scholar Says Bard Portrait Is a Phony

400-year-old painting was swapped, she says

(Newser) - A famous portrait of Shakespeare owned by the Royal Shakespeare Company is a fake—a 19th-century imitation that replaced the older original sometime in the past decade, a German scholar claimed yesterday. “Where is the priceless 400-year-old original 'Flower' portrait?” she asks, saying that the painting appears different this... More »

6 Stories