U.S. environmental laws

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BP Doesn't Have a Tanker Big Enough

Oil giant will resort to burning some of the crude

(Newser) - Adding to the growing international backlash against BP's botched handling of the Gulf oil spill, US officials said yesterday that the oil giant is collecting for sale so much of the oil gushing out of the broken well that it doesn't have a big enough boat to hold it, the... More »

Huge Bush Deregulation Push Before Jan. 20

White House will relax rules on environment, consumer protection

(Newser) - George W. Bush is president for 11 more weeks, and the White House is plotting to use that time to modify federal regulations to weaken protections for consumers and the environment. The deregulatory initiatives would be some of the most controversial of the Bush era, reports the Washington Post, lifting... More »

McCain Pander on Drilling Disappoints

His oil plan is economically daft and politically naive

(Newser) - It's nothing new for the Bush administration to blame environmentalists for energy shortages, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times. As early as 2001, Dick Cheney blamed green laws rather than rapacious energy companies for the California electricity shortage. But it's disappointing that John McCain has joined the bandwagon—... More »

How Fair Is the 'Third Term' Jab?

McCain offers some differences, but largely agrees with Bush

(Newser) - With President Bush posting record disapproval ratings, Democrats have gleefully dubbed a John McCain presidency a "third Bush term." The claim is at least partially justified, reports the New York Times in an analysis of the "McBush" charge—McCain agrees with Bush on taxation, health care, the... More »

EPA Scientists Rip Political 'Interference'

Survey finds agency 'under siege' from meddling officials

(Newser) - Hundreds of Environmental Protection Agency scientists say they have come under political pressure to fudge their findings, the Los Angeles Times reports. More than half the scientists who responded to a survey said they had experienced interference over the last five years. The report from a nonprofit scientists' group describes... More »

Border Fence Will Skirt Environmental Laws

Dozens dumped to speed building

(Newser) - Homeland Security is ditching environmental laws in a push to finish 670 miles of border fence along Mexico by the end of this year, reports the Los Angeles Times. Congress has approved a waiver for more than 30 environmental and cultural laws to accelerate building. Critics say the plans are... More »

Solar Panels Trump Trees

Calif. man forced to cut down redwoods so neighbor can tap sun's energy

(Newser) - A dispute between California neighbors pitting trees against solar panels has gone to the panels, KGO-TV reports. Following a seven-year battle over whether one should have to cut down trees in his backyard that shade the other’s solar panels, Richard Treanor today chopped two redwoods after he was found... More »

7 Stories