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Obama Mulls Veto to Shut Guantanamo

Officials: Obama weighing options to move detainees to US

(Newser) - President Obama is considering overriding a congressional ban on bringing Guantanamo prisoners to the US in an effort to close the Cuban prison, the Wall Street Journal reports. Lawmakers are strongly against the move, which "would ignite a political firestorm, even if it's the best resolution for the... More »

Boehner's Lawsuit: Ridiculous, or Overdue?

Pundits debate the merits of the Orange One's big play

(Newser) - Pundits are buzzing over John Boehner's attempt to take President Obama to court over his use of executive power. Legal experts doubt it will work , but is it right? Is it smart politics? Does it even make sense? Here's what people are saying: More »

Why Boehner's Plan to Sue Obama Won't Work

'Good luck with that,' say legal experts

(Newser) - John Boehner has declared that he wants to sue President Obama for abusing his executive authority, but most legal experts seem to think he's about as likely to prevail as he is to become the 2016 Democratic nominee. For starters, the House speaker plans to use legislation to gain... More »

Obama: No 'Magic Tricks' for Debt Ceiling

President rules out executive debt ceiling fix

(Newser) - Looks like President Obama really doesn't have a trillion-dollar coin up his sleeve—or any other crafty debt ceiling fix. At what he billed as the last press conference of his first term today, Obama was asked if he'd consider executive action—possibly invoking the 14th amendment—to... More »

Lawsuit: Gov. Scott Running Florida a la Monty Python

Florida governor sued by blind woman for rules change

(Newser) - A blind Florida woman is suing Gov. Rick Scott over his order suspending the state’s rulemaking process—and her attorneys had some fun with the filing. Rosalie Whiley thinks the governor overstepped his constitutional bounds, while the governor says he has the “ supreme executive power ” to do... More »

Obama Unites Parties ... Against His Libya Evasions

It's time for him to obey the War Powers Resolution

(Newser) - President Obama has finally gotten Democrats and Republicans to agree on something. Unfortunately for him, it’s their distaste for his “odd stand on the Libyan war’s legality,” a Washington Times editorial observes. With this resolution , Congress told the president that his present stance on Libya—that... More »

Frontrunner Kagan Would Tilt Court Further Right

For liberals, she'd be a disaster, writes Glenn Greenwald

(Newser) - The smart money's on Elena Kagan to be President Obama's pick as John Paul Stevens' replacement on the Supreme Court. The solicitor general is "exceptionally smart" with loads of qualifications and expertise, writes Glenn Greenwald, but she'd be a disaster for liberals. The former dean of Harvard Law School... More »

Bush Redux? Runaway Exec Power Traps Obama, Too

Every modern president succumbs to the National Security State, writes Wills

(Newser) - George W. Bush expanded executive power to an extreme degree, but he wasn't an exception, writes historian Garry Wills. Since World War II, the presidency has accrued massive, unintended authority—controlling nuclear weapons, intelligence agencies, and a worldwide military network under "the cult of the commander in chief."... More »

Obama's Kitchen Has Too Many Chefs

President's 32 czars an 'end-run' around Congress: Cantor

(Newser) - President Obama has broken his promise to restore the power of Congress “by appointing a virtual army of ‘czars,’” Republican Eric Cantor writes in the Washington Post. The administration now has at least 32 czars—more than Russia ever did—with each spearheading major policy initiatives.... More »

Top Court Candidates Differ Widely on Exec Power

New justice will be key to defining prez limits

(Newser) - Most Supreme Court watchers say that Barack Obama's choice to succeed David Souter will change little, since the retiring justice was a reliable member of the court's liberal bloc. But on critical questions of presidential power, which Souter regularly sought to check, the new justice's vote could... More »

Obama Could Be Most Powerful President Ever

44 enjoys rare mix of crisis, popularity, and an office at its peak

(Newser) - Barack Obama enters office today with a realistic shot of becoming one of the most powerful presidents in history, writes Barton Gellman in the Washington Post. Historians and officials in the outgoing and incoming administrations agree the presidency is already at or near an apex of power, and Obama’s... More »

23% Dub Cheney 'Worst VP Ever'

But Cheney still has support in GOP

(Newser) - Dick Cheney is arguably the most powerful vice president in history, but one American in four say he's also the worst in history, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp survey. Of those polled, 23% rate Cheney's job performance as the worst ever, with another 41% rating him poor. That still... More »

Sarkozy 's Reform Bill Passes By a Hair

Move to rewrite French constitution has critics crying 'monocracy!'

(Newser) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy hailed the passing yesterday of a constitutional reform, fulfilling a key campaign pledge. The overhaul of parliamentary and executive powers passed in the assembly and senate by a single vote, capturing 539 votes when it needed 538, the BBC reports. The opposition says the change will... More »

White House Ignored EPA Pollutants Email

Bush & Co. refused to open report mandated by Supreme Court

(Newser) - The White House didn’t like the findings in a Supreme Court-mandated report on pollutants from the EPA—so it simply refused to open the email, the New York Times reports. Instead, the administration has successfully pressured the agency into releasing a watered-down, recommendation-free report. Among the omitted sections: analysis... More »

Gates Departure Should Calm the Waters

Joint leadership with Ballmer slowed, hurt Microsoft's growth

(Newser) - Bill Gates’ departure from full-time employment at Microsoft on June 27 will end 8 contentious years in which Gates has attempted to stay onboard while nominally beneath his close friend and new CEO, Steve Ballmer. Though they built the company together, this “ambassadorial succession” produced mixed results, with Gates... More »

What the Candidates Should Be Talking About

LA Times editors take a break from nonsense and turn to issues

(Newser) - Quick, before the public completely loses interest: Let’s leave aside “guns, bitterness, race, religion, geriatric radicals and other trivia,” and turn to real presidential political issues, Los Angeles Times editors write. They pose some questions that most need answering:
  • For John McCain: You voted against giving workers
... More »

Bush Threw Out 4th Amendment After 9/11

Newly revealed Yoo memo voided search and seizure protections

(Newser) - Just a month after Sept. 11, 2001, the Justice Department concluded that anti-terror military operations on US soil were not constrained by the Fourth Amendment protections against search and seizure. The conclusion was detailed in a memo written by John Yoo, the theorist behind many of President Bush's expansions of... More »

Bush Stepped In to Weaken Ozone Rules

President overruled EPA scientists on pollution guidelines

(Newser) - President Bush personally intervened this week to loosen the EPA's new guidelines on pollution-causing ozone, the Washington Post reports. By law, separate ozone standards are mandated for protecting the "public health" and the "public welfare," which includes wildlife, parks, and farmland. According to EPA documents, Bush overruled... More »

Rudy Would Outdo W on Power Grab

Record shows Hizzoner had little patience for checks and balances

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani’s record in New York shows a leadership philosophy built on overlooking rules, says Washington Monthly’s Rachel Morris. Should the GOP frontrunner end up in the Oval Office, he would seize even more executive power than his assertive predecessor, Morris predicts. More »

Lib Label Belies Solidly Right Views

Pundits say Rudy's too 'liberal' for GOP nom; polls show otherwise

(Newser) - Pundits call Rudy too “liberal” to win the GOP nom, but his views on free speech, religion, and government secrecy say otherwise, writes David Greenberg of the Washington Post. Even Rudy's takes on guns, gays, and abortion—allegedly left—are far from it. “As any New Yorker can... More »

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