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Alaska: the Land Where Blockbuster Survived

Several outlets are still hanging on

(Newser) - The manager of a successful Blockbuster Video outlet has given an interview to CBS News —and they didn't have to take a time machine back to 1997 to speak to him. Kevin Daymude runs a Blockbuster outlet in Anchorage, which is one of several locations in Alaska that... More »

Man Busted for Not Returning Awful VHS Movie in 2002

NC man had arrest warrant out for rental of 'Freddy Got Fingered' from 14 years ago

(Newser) - If you're going to fall into highly publicized trouble for an overdue movie rental, at least hope you're busted for a dusty copy of Citizen Kane. North Carolinian James Meyers wasn't so lucky, Channel 9 reports—not only suffering the embarrassment of getting arrested for failing to... More »

Woman Sent to Jail for Not Returning Movie Rental

South Carolina resident forgot about her 2005 VHS tape

(Newser) - The weird part of this story is that a woman had to spend the night in jail because she failed to return a movie rental from 2005 to a business that no longer exists, reports WYFF-TV . The sad part is that she went to jail not for Capote, or Brokeback ... More »

The Last Ever Blockbuster Rental Was...

'This Is the End'—seriously

(Newser) - Blockbuster ended in-store rentals for good last Saturday night. So what was the final movie rental ever? Incredibly appropriately, it was Seth Rogen comedy This Is the End, checked out at 11pm in Hawaii, according to a tweet by the company. The question now, notes the Verge , is just how... More »

Last Blockbuster Store to Close in Months

Parent Dish Network shutting last 300 in US

(Newser) - About a decade ago, Blockbuster had 9,000 stores at a time when video streaming was more concept than reality. By early January, the last 300 remaining Blockbuster stores in the US will close for good, reports Mashable . Parent Dish Network will keep the Blockbuster name alive in its own... More »

Redbox, Verizon Launching $6-a-Month Movie Streaming

Netflix competitor expected to open to public next year

(Newser) - Watch out, Netflix, here comes Redbox: The movie-rental kiosk company is teaming up with Verizon, as expected , to launch a Netflix competitor. Redbox Instant by Verizon will offer unlimited streaming for just $6 a month, according to AllThingsD . That's less than the $7.99 Netflix charges for the same... More »

DVD Shop Gets Revenge on Nic Cage Via Photoshop

He won't return two movies, so store is mocking him on Facebook

(Newser) - New entry in the Nicolas Cage chronicles: A DVD shop in LA says he won't return two movies he rented a few months ago and owes about $225 in late fees, reports TMZ . As a result, Old Bank DVD has started poking fun at Cage on its Facebook page... More »

To Beat Studio Rules, Netflix, Redbox Head to ... Walmart?

They buy discs at retail prices

(Newser) - Disney is squabbling with Netflix and Redbox over the DVD of sci-fi flick John Carter, and the feud reflects the intensifying battle for revenue between studios and rental companies, reports the Los Angeles Times . Disney recently cut off DVD sales to such rental providers until 28 days after discs go... More »

YouTube to Rent Paramount Movies

About 500 titles include 'Transformers' and 'The Godfather '

(Newser) - In a new deal, YouTube will be renting flicks produced by Paramount Pictures. Paramount will make available 500 movies, including Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Transformers, and The Godfather trilogy, reports Bloomberg Business Week . The titles will be online in a few weeks and cost $2.99 to $3.99... More »

Bridesmaids Is Biggest Video-On-Demand Film

Kristen Wiig comedy snags another record

(Newser) - It's official: Bridesmaids has become the most popular video-on-demand movie ever, with 4.8 million rentals in four months, says the Hollywood Reporter . It's just the latest record for the sometimes raunchy female comedy, which is also the top-grossing movie in its genre ever made—$288 million worldwide.... More »

Verizon, Redbox Team Up to Take Down Netflix

New streaming venture announced, but few details given

(Newser) - Watch out, Netflix: Verizon and Redbox are teaming up. Verizon announced today it will enter the video streaming business in a joint venture with Coinstar, the parent company of Redbox DVD rental kiosks, Mashable reports. Verizon said the new service, which will also include access to DVD and Blu-ray discs,... More »

Now Redbox Is Raising Prices

DVD rentals to cost $1.20 per night

(Newser) - With Netflix still reeling from its price-hike debacle, you’d think Redbox would hold off on any increases. Instead, the rental kiosk company is raising the per-night price of a DVD rental from $1 to $1.20, Mashable reports. The bump, announced yesterday, takes effect on Halloween. “This marks... More »

Whoops: Qwikster Tweets Definitely Not From Netflix

Tweets on weed, bench pressing, and boredom

(Newser) - Unless Netflix has recently discovered a passion for pot, the @Qwikster Twitter account doesn’t belong to the company, and that's an unfortunate (and hilarious) oversight. Writing for TechCrunch , Alexis Tsotsis calls it an "immediate chink in the company’s rebranded armor, other than the fact that, like... More »

Netflix Spins Off 'Qwikster,' CEO Admits 'I Messed Up'

Reed Hastings explains recent price hike, but many still not happy

(Newser) - Netflix’s recent price hike caused rampant backlash , cost the movie rental service one million subscribers , and sent the company’s stock tumbling. Last night, CEO Reed Hastings admitted in a blog post , “I messed up.” But he’s not offering a reversal on the price hike, simply... More »

Netflix to Customers: Choose DVDs or Streaming

Or pay more for both, under new pricing plans

(Newser) - Alert to subscribers: Netflix is making big changes to its pricing structure. The movie rental company is separating its DVD subscriptions from its streaming-content plans. Subscribers will have a few options, the company’s blog notes: They can pay $7.99 a month for one DVD at a time, with... More »

New to Facebook: Movie Rentals

Warner Bros service launches with Dark Knight

(Newser) - Look out Netflix? Warner Bros. has decided to test out a movie rental service on Facebook, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Anyone who "likes" The Dark Knight will be able to spend 30 Facebook credits, meaning $3, to stream the movie to their computer, where it'll be viewable for... More »

Movie Rental Kiosks Beat Out Stores Last Year

But subscription services still reign

(Newser) - Movie rental kiosks' market share surpassed that of retail stores in 2010, a study finds: Kiosks such as Redbox hosted 31% of third-quarter rentals, while 27% were from actual stores. Subscription services had the biggest market share, with 41%. Kiosks' market share grew 10 percentage points year-over-year, while stores dropped... More »

All Those Canadian Netflix Fans? Actors, Actually

Company 'embarrassed' by PR gaffe

(Newser) - Reporters at an event celebrating Netflix ’s arrival in Canada were surprised to discover that all the supposed “subscribers” milling about and talking about how awesome Netflix is were actually hired actors. Whoops! A spokesperson later said the company was “embarrassed” and never meant to trick reporters,... More »

Netflix Ramps Up Online Movies

It's going after HBO, Showtime for new titles

(Newser) - Netflix will make more new movies available for instant viewing online at it slowly goes after TV pay channels such as HBO and Showtime. Netflix signed a deal with Relativity Media, a small film production company to get exclusive access to its movies after the theater runs. Upcoming films in... More »

One Man's Plan to Save Blockbuster

It now has movies 28 days earlier—but must change pricing

(Newser) - A Blockbuster shareholder and former DVD kiosk owner—who tried to warn the company of the impending movie rental revolution back in 2005—says Blockbuster can be saved. Yes, it’s $1 billion in debt and looks doomed, but because Netflix and Redbox recently signed a deal delaying their access... More »

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