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Brits' Drinking Solution: Double Booze Prices

Top doc says price hike will curb rising alcoholism

(Newser) - Britain's top medical officer wants to curb binge drinking by hitting Britons in the wallet, the Telegraph reports. Sir Liam Donaldson will tomorrow recommend a government-imposed price hike of 50 pence—about 70 cents—per unit of alcohol. The move would also double the price of many supermarket beers. "... More »

Red Sox Freeze Ticket Prices

Team concedes fans may have trouble paying Fenway premium

(Newser) - Times are tough, and the Boston Red Sox know it—in a nod to fans, the team froze ticket prices at Fenway yesterday for the first time in 14 years, the Globe reports. At an average $48.80, tickets are still some of baseball's most expensive, but "We do... More »

Argentina Elects 'New Evita'

President Cristina to replace husband

(Newser) - Argentine first lady Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has become the country's first elected female leader after trouncing 13 rivals in the presidential election yesterday, Reuters reports. A glamorous 54-year-old lawyer and center-left senator, she will take over from husband President Nestor Kirchner in December. Kirchner is credited with leading Argentina's... More »

Zimbabwe Arrests Dozens in Price Wars

Businesses flout strict cost-control laws as inflation passes 3,700%

(Newser) - Police in Zimbabwe have arrested 1,328 businesspeople, including 33 top executives, for violating official price controls installed to curb uncontrollable currency devaluation. The new regulations demand that many goods' prices be cut in half in response to inflation that has now risen to more than 3,700%. More »

4 Stories