Vint Cerf

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Secret 'Batman' Tech Heroes Protect Internet: Prof

(Newser) - The Internet keeps functioning thanks to the efforts of an army of unsung heroes, a Harvard cyberlaw expert told a tech conference yesterday. The professor used as an example Pakistan's attempt last year to take YouTube offline—the site went down across the world, but volunteers from a tech forum... More »

Foreign Domain Names Coming to Net

After years of complaints, ICANN fast tracks non-Latin web addresses

(Newser) - Soon, Chinese domain names can at long last be in Chinese. Addressing one of international critics’ longest-standing complaints, ICANN, the independent non-profit that regulates the Internet, is putting internationalized domain names on the fast track, ZDNet reports. Studies are already underway on how to integrate domains with non-Latin characters into... More »

ICANN Appoints New Zealander to Replace Cerf

Will be first non- American to head the Internet regulatory body

(Newser) - ICANN, the independent organization managing the Internet, filled its leadership void today by appointing New Zealand’s Peter Dengate Thrush as chairman. He will be the first non-American to head the group, which took over regulation from the US government, and has often come under international fire. Dengate Thrush downplayed... More »

Internet Running Out of IP Addresses

Service providers need to get onboard with IPv6

(Newser) - By 2010, new computers won’t be able to get online, warns Internet co-inventor Vint Cerf, unless ISPs adopt IPv6, a new system of assigning IP addresses. IP addresses are unique number strings devices need to get online, but most of the 4 billion numbers possible under the current system... More »

Net Co-Inventor Leaving Domain Name Agency

Cerf navigated oversight board through WWW's early days

(Newser) - Vint Cerf, who helped develop the technological underpinnings of the Internet, is stepping down as head of its oversight board, the AP reports. Many predicted the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers was doomed when Cerf took over in 1999, but he steered it through international criticism for 7... More »

5 Stories