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Too Much Talking Can Lead to 'Cell Phone Elbow'

Stretched nerve threatens long chatters

(Newser) - Experts are warning of a yet another threat from your phone: cell phone elbow. When you hold the phone to your ear, you stretch the nerve that controls the ring and pinky fingers; bending your arm too tightly for too long "chokes the blood supply to the nerves,"... More »

Raccoon Disease Blinds NY Teen

Health officials issue alert over raccoon ringworm

(Newser) - New York playgrounds are on alert as two reported cases of a rare, fatal disease spread by raccoons has blinded a Brooklyn teen in one eye and left an infant with brain damage, reports the New York Daily News. Raccoon ringworm is a disease contracted through the animal's feces that... More »

Feds Warn of Chemical in Plastics

Common ingredient linked to cancers, behavior issues

(Newser) - A federal health panel warned today a chemical used to make a slew of everyday plastic items—including baby bottles—could be linked to several types of cancer, early puberty for girls and even hyperactivity, the Washington Post reports. The report urges more study and marks a reversal for the... More »

Skip Liplock, 'Go for the Heart' to Save a Life

Chest compressions key in heart attack CPR, says health group

(Newser) - Reluctant bystanders can skip mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if they witness someone collapse from a heart attack, but should attempt "hands-only" CPR to save a life, the American Heart Association has recommended.  With less than a third of cardiac arrest victims receiving any form of CPR before it's too late,... More »

French Sour on Wine Warnings

Labels must include health cautions for pregnant women

(Newser) - France's new wine label warning pregnant women of alcohol's dangers has vintners coming uncorked, the Washington Post reports. The spreading European penchant for aggressive advisories has led to pictorial warnings that are seen as sacrilege from Champagne to Burgundy. Part of the problem is that, until recently, French doctors didn’... More »

5 Stories