fetal alcohol syndrome

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CDC to Young Women: Don't Drink if Not on Birth Control

'Paternalistic' warning causes backlash

(Newser) - A warning too far? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has taken a lot of heat this week for a press release warning that more than 3 million American women of childbearing age who drink alcohol and don't use birth control are at risk of exposing a potential... More »

Pendulum Swings: Study Says No Booze While Pregnant

Despite what you may have read to the contrary

(Newser) - Recent studies have suggested drinking while pregnant might not be as dangerous as women have long been led to believe, or may even be beneficial —but, troubled by these plus other recent studies finding that a surprising number of women do imbibe while pregnant , the American Academy of Pediatrics... More »

Pregnant Ex-Addict Fights Law That Got Her Confined

After being hauled away in cuffs, Alicia Beltran challenges fetal protection law

(Newser) - When asked about her medical history during a prenatal checkup this July, Alicia Beltran was honest. She said she'd become addicted to Percocet last year, but had weened herself off it using the anti-addiction drug Suboxone, which she had finally stopped taking three days before her appointment. No, she... More »

Inmate Is First Executed in Texas With Single Drug

State changes lethal injection formula used since 1982

(Newser) - America's most prolific death penalty state has executed its first inmate using one drug instead of three. Yokamon Hearn, 33, was killed with a single dose of pentobarbital, which had been part of a three-drug mixture used for executions before shortages of the other drugs arose. Ohio, Arizona, Idaho,... More »

Snooki Baby: Can You Spell 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?'

How hard has she been hitting the booze?

(Newser) - Let's hope Snooki sorta planned that baby she's reportedly carrying (stop giggling). Because if she didn't, that fetus has to be nearly swimming in booze by now. While Forbes is concerned about what's to become of the diminutive reality star's "brand," others are... More »

Sioux Tribe Sues Beer Makers for $500M

Sellers turning blind eye to smuggling, devastating problem: suit

(Newser) - The town of Whiteclay, Nebraska, has only 14 residents, but four beer stores which sell nearly 5 million cans a year. If you think those numbers sound strange, you're paying more attention than beer makers, a lawsuit from the Oglala Sioux Tribe charges. The Pine Ridge reservation—where alcohol... More »

Can a Pregnant Woman Drink? Let Her Decide

An occasional glass of wine is safe, so back off

(Newser) - Gasp, here's another story about pregnant women enjoying an occasional glass of wine. Why is this still such a taboo, wonders Margaret Hartmann at Jezebel . Study after study has shown that moderate drinking—say a glass or two a week—is safe during pregnancy, yet American women are still told... More »

Light Drinking in Pregnancy May Actually Help Babies

Study finds small advantages for boys whose moms imbibed

(Newser) - An occasional drink during pregnancy not only doesn't hurt babies, a British study has found, it may even benefit them. Moms who did a little imbibing—say, a drink a week—saw substantially lower risks of hyperactivity and behavior problems in boys by the age of 3, the Guardian reports.... More »

Brits Reverse, Endorse Booze-Free Pregnancy

Revised advice comes after Guardian columnist lambasted policy

(Newser) - The Brits are coming around to the notion that pregnant women shouldn't booze, reports the BBC, as an independent UK health institute revised recommendations to bring it in line with the government policy of teetotalling. The report comes less than a week after a Guardian columnist slammed calls for US-style... More »

Prenatal Binge Drinking May Have Little Risk, Study Finds

Consistent booze more harmful than occasional

(Newser) - Pregnant women have been told to avoid alcohol for decades, but a new study suggests that occasional drinking and even a binge now and then could be OK, ABC News reports. Researchers at Oxford University looked at 35 years of studies and found no consistent link between sporadic binge drinking... More »

French Sour on Wine Warnings

Labels must include health cautions for pregnant women

(Newser) - France's new wine label warning pregnant women of alcohol's dangers has vintners coming uncorked, the Washington Post reports. The spreading European penchant for aggressive advisories has led to pictorial warnings that are seen as sacrilege from Champagne to Burgundy. Part of the problem is that, until recently, French doctors didn’... More »

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