Crocodile Hunter

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Inside Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's Last Moments

Cameraman says Irwin was stabbed 'hundreds' of times in seconds

(Newser) - Cameraman Justin Lyons was with Steve Irwin when the "Crocodile Hunter" was fatally stabbed by a stingray in 2006, and now he's speaking about the tragic experience publicly for the first time. They had just about finished filming in the Great Barrier Reef on September 4, but needed... More »

Aussie Snail Named for Croc Hunter

That'd be Crikey steveirwini to you and me, mate

(Newser) - In a tribute to the late Steve Irwin, a scientist who discovered a new species of snail in northeastern Australia has named it after the famed “Crocodile Hunter.” Says John Stanisic of the Queensland Museum , “Crikey steveirwini is a colorful snail, with swirling bands of creamy yellow,... More »

Croc Hunter Jr. 'Proud' of First Snakebite

Mom gushes as 4-year-old Robert Irwin 'cops' nip by baby boa

(Newser) - It's going to take more than a snakebite to scare the Crocodile Hunter's son out of his dad's footsteps, the AP reports. Robert Irwin, 4, was "proud to have copped his first hit" after being bitten on the finger by a baby boa constrictor, said his mother, Terri. "... More »

'Croc Hunter' Knew He'd Die Young, Widow Says

Wife says Irwin had 'a real sixth sense'

(Newser) - Plucky Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin always had premonitions of an early death, his widow Terri says, adding that her husband “had a real sixth sense." She's writing a book about her life with the daredevil naturalist, who died at age 44 when a stingray’s barb pierced... More »

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