Daylight Saving Time

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Sunday Could Be Florida's Last Time Change

Lawmakers want to make Daylight Saving Time permanent

(Newser) - The clocks go forward once again on Sunday—and in Florida, they don't ever want to change them back again. The "Sunshine Protection Bill, which would make Daylight Saving Time permanent in the state, passed the state Senate Tuesday with just two votes against it, CNN reports. It... More »

Finns Have Had It With Daylight Saving Time

Finland will petition the EU to abolish it

(Newser) - Finland says it will lobby for the abolition of daylight saving time within the European Union after more than 70,000 Finns signed a petition last year. Anne Berner, Finland's transportation and communications minister, said Friday on Twitter that the government's goal "would be to abandon (the... More »

Winter Is Coming, and 2 States Are Dreaming of a New Time Zone

Massachusetts, Maine thinking about joining Puerto Rico in Atlantic time zone

(Newser) - In his first winter in Massachusetts after moving from Washington, DC, Tom Emswiler's heart sank along with the sun at the unconscionably early hour of 4:11pm. "You can imagine my horror," the public health advocate tells NBC News . Now Emswiler is part of a commission studying... More »

New England Wants to Dump the Clock Change

Lawmakers contemplating ditching daylight saving switch, joining Atlantic Standard Time

(Newser) - New England really wants to get ahead—by one hour. The New York Times reports on the movement that's afoot in that region for some states to transition permanently to the Atlantic Standard Time zone, ignoring the changing of the clocks that takes place at the start and end... More »

Quirk of Time Creates Very Unusual Twins

Daylight Savings Time ended between them

(Newser) - Samuel and Ronan Peterson are identical twins born 31 minutes apart—but they both have a case for being the older brother. The boys were delivered on Sunday, Nov. 6 in Cape Cod Hospital, with mom Emily Peterson giving birth to Samuel first, at 1:39am, AOL reports. Ronan arrived... More »

Texas Politician Fights to Kill Daylight Saving Time

State Rep. Dan Flynn's HB 150 will be debated today

(Newser) - If Rep. Dan Flynn gets his way, Texas will be on Central Standard Time year-round. With his HB 150 , the Republican is trying to terminate Daylight Saving Time effective Sept. 1, the Houston Chronicle reports. The bill will be debated this morning by the Texas Government Transparency and Operation Committee;... More »

Dangerous 'Microsleeps' Follow Daylight Saving Time

Scientists warn of sudden lapses in attention

(Newser) - Feeling groggy after the Daylight Saving Time switch? Scientists say you better watch out for "microsleeps," tiny lapses in attention that can create problems at work and accidents on the road, the Christian Science-Monitor reports. The microsleeps apparently account for extra car crashes and workplace injuries that follow... More »

You Lose an Hour of Sleep Tonight

It's Daylight Saving Time

(Newser) - A sure sign that spring's on the horizon: One hour less shut-eye tonight no matter when you turn out the lights. Most people in the US are supposed to push the clock forward by 60 minutes before heading to bed. Daylight saving time officially begins at 2am tomorrow local... More »

You Get an Extra Hour of Sleep Tonight

Time to turn the clocks back

(Newser) - It's time to reclaim that hour of sleep you lost last spring. Most of the United States is turning back the clock this weekend for the annual shift back to standard time. For many, that means making the switch before hitting the sack tonight, even though the change doesn'... More »

Bomber Learns Hard Way to Turn Clock Forward

Police say Irish bomber got his timing wrong, blew himself up

(Newser) - Police in Ireland are hunting for a man they believe was injured when his own car bomb blew up in his face. A bomb attached to a businessman's SUV exploded earlier this week in Dublin, destroying the car and blowing the doors off a nearby home. The only person... More »

Daylight Saving Linked to Heart Attack Risk

Spring forward ... drop dead?

(Newser) - If you've got a weak heart, you might have a good excuse for taking Monday off next time clocks go forward in spring, researchers say. A new study finds that the daylight saving time switch is associated with a shocking 25% rise in the risk of heart attacks on... More »

Tennessee Considers Eternal Daylight Savings Time

Proposal for permanent Daylight Savings Time called a 'wangdanger'

(Newser) - Tennessee might be done turning its clocks back. The state's House State Government Subcommittee has approved a bill that would end the practice of adjusting the clocks twice a year, effective this summer, effectively giving the state permanent Daylight Savings Time, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports. "It will... More »

The US Needs Only Two Time Zones

Allison Schrager wants to end Daylight Savings Time, and then some

(Newser) - On Sunday, Americans will turn their clocks back, an annoying, confusing, and arguably harmful annual ritual. We should stop all this clock-switching, Allison Schrager at Quartz argues, and she's got an ambitious plan for how: People on Eastern time should turn back their clocks as normal, while people on... More »

Down With Harmful Daylight Saving Time

It doesn't save energy, and it's bad for us: Bora Zivkovic

(Newser) - Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, but no one benefits from it, writes Bora Zivkovic in Scientific American . It will take days for our bodies to adjust to the lost hour—we're essentially "jet-lagged for a few days"—and even cows will suffer when they're milked an... More »

Why You're at More Risk for a Heart Attack on Monday

Daylight Savings Time start associated with increased risk

(Newser) - Studies have shown that the start of daylight savings time, which begins Sunday, is associated with an increase in heart attacks . "The Monday and Tuesday after moving the clocks ahead one hour in March is associated with a 10% increase in the risk of having a heart attack,"... More »

Tips to Beat Daylight Saving Blues...

Growing darkness depresses, so you need to keep upbeat

(Newser) - The increasingly short and dark days of winter can make many people feel depressed this time of year, and Daylight Saving Time only makes things worse. So to help people out, Time offers eight tips to keep your spirits up:
  • Socializing and exercising. OK, not exactly what you crave when
... More »

Russia Drops Daylight Saving Time

Country abandons practice held since '81

(Newser) - Russia has decided to eliminate daylight saving time and will keep its clocks unchanged this October and beyond, UPI International reports. President Dmitry Medvedev said he decided to cancel the shift, which the country has practiced since 1981, because of potential "stress and illnesses" on people shifting their biological... More »

iPhone, iPod Can't Get Time Right, Either

End of Daylight Saving Time glitch stumps Apple gadgets

(Newser) - If you're having a hard time figuring out what time it is this morning, some iPhones and iPods are also stumped by the end of Daylight Saving Time. Seems the Apple gang has a glitch on their hands that makes some devices'—those running mobile iOS 4.1—repeating alarms... More »

Don't Sleep In: How to Use Tomorrow's 'Extra Hour'

Be productive ... or at least have some fun

(Newser) - When we “fall back” to standard time tomorrow morning, most people will probably spend their extra hour sleeping. But Kim Painter has a few ideas that are slightly more productive. From USA Today :
  • Take a walk: It’s healthy, and it will give you time to reflect.
  • Prepare yourself:
... More »

Stop Time-Change Madness: Here's a Solution

Op-Ed: Let's create a 'New Standard Time' and be done with it

(Newser) - This is one of Kathryn Wilkens' least favorite weekends of the year. On Sunday, she's got to reset her clocks—and her stove, and her watches, and her VCR, and ... you get the picture. But unlike a lot of others carping about the antiquated practice of converting to or from... More »

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