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Feds: Flatulent Worker No Problem After All

Social Security officials rescind reprimand against employee

(Newser) - That smell over in cubicle four? Let's not worry about it, Social Security officials have decided. The federal agency had reprimanded an employee last month for allegedly disrupting work "by passing gas and releasing an unpleasant odor," reports Today . The letter came with a timestamped log that... More »

Things to Avoid on Take Your Dog to Work Day

(Newser) - Tomorrow being Take Your Dog to Work Day, People Pets weighs in on what NOT to do if you want bring Fido back to your cubicle next year. Don’t:
  • ... bring a stinky dog. “Hygiene needs to be a top priority,” says a Humane Society rep.
  • ... wander the
... More »

Valley Tech Giants Ditch Cubicles for Open Space

Some people miss them... for a little while

(Newser) - Silicon Valley giants like Intel, Cisco, and Sun, are experimenting with ditching cubicles to improve productivity. Execs at the companies say that the typical office gray maze isn't ideal anymore for the modern, connected workplace. "Collaboration has been shown to spark innovation and speed product to market," says... More »

Have You Heard the Latest on Pet Peeves?

Gossip, 'reply all' abuse are driving your co-workers nuts

(Newser) - "MYOB" is great advice, say office workers who blame poor manners for making cubicle life so bad. Gossip was the biggest annoyance for 60% of people surveyed in a new Harris Interactive poll. More than half complained of co-workers misusing work time with personal calls and web surfing, and... More »

4 Stories