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Yahoo Joins Google Social Network Alliance

Facebook, Microsoft on other side in battle for software developers

(Newser) - Yahoo will join Google in developing the latter's open social networking framework OpenSocial, the company announced yesterday. The two giants, along with other partners, also announced the creation of a foundation to oversee the effort. Neither Facebook nor Microsoft, which have an advertising agreement, are part of OpenSocial; Facebook on... More »

Bebo Adopts Facebook-Style Ad Platform

UK's top social networker vies for industry compatibility

(Newser) - Bebo, the most popular social networking site in Britain, announced today that it will launch an application platform modeled on that of Facebook, GigaOm reports. The launch is the result of a collaboration with its US counterpart, so that developers of Facebook apps will be able to port their work... More »

LinkedIn Goes 2.0

Networking site revamps image to keep up with rivals

(Newser) - LinkedIn will start allowing user-created applications as part of an effort to keep up with social networking competitors like Facebook and MySpace, PC World reports. The professional networking site said today it has redesigned its home page and plans to display relevant BusinessWeek stories on users' profiles, as well as... More »

Google Invests in Cloud Computing

Internet giant wants everyone to do everything online

(Newser) - Google has hands in a lot of pies, from maps to email to spreadsheets and now, with Android and OpenSocial, to cellphones and MySpace. But it all relates to one strategy, the Washington Post says. Google wants to make the web so useful that everyone does everything online. In this... More »

'Old Farts' Invade Facebook

Journal's Matthew Rose experiences mid-life crisis in cyberspace

(Newser) - Facebook has matured from an e-frat house where co-eds post pics of their hedonistic exploits to a cyber-cocktail party where the well-heeled gather to display baby pictures and taunt each other like, well, school kids. “I am so telling Rupert,” a columnist teases the Journal’s Matthew Rose,... More »

Facebook to Join Google's 'OpenSocial' Alliance?

Site might be ready to give up its proprietary approach for new standard

(Newser) - The day after MySpace announced it was joining a Google-led alliance meant to let applications written for one social networking site be used on others, it looks like lone outsider Facebook could join up, too. That's according to Fortune Magazine, which reported that Facebook and Google representatives met yesterday and... More »

MySpace May Join Google Social Project

Rumored deal with OpenSocial could boost both partners

(Newser) - Tech bloggers are buzzing about a rumored partnership between MySpace and Google’s about-to-be-launched OpenSocial project; a big reveal may come as soon as today. Though it still leads Facebook in membership and traffic, the social networker has lost much of its spotlight recently—and CNet’s Caroline McCarthy says... More »

Google Out to Smite Facebook Software Platform

'OpenSocial' to lure software developers away from Facebook

(Newser) - Google couldn't buy a piece of Facebook, so it's going after the social networking site's software platform instead. Tomorrow a Google-led alliance will  introduce a common platform for software developers to write programs for Google's social site, Orkut, along with LinkedIn, hi5, Friendster, Plaxo, Ning and others. The hope is... More »

8 Stories