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WiFi Startup Wants to Share the Love

But rivals also want world hooked up on shared connections

(Newser) - WiFi hot spots should be anywhere and everywhere, says Martin Varsavsky. The 48-year-old Internet guru founded FON, a company that's built a WiFi network on members' shared wireless connections. Analysts say such global WiFi is only years away, but FON could still lose out; despite $55.2 million from giants... More »

Comcast, Time Warner Weigh $1.5B WiMax Investment

Companies would back Sprint/Clearwire plan for nationwide network

(Newser) - Sprint Nextel and Clearwire, looking for funding in their bid to build a nationwide high-speed wireless network, may have found partners in Comcast and Time Warner, reports the Wall Street Journal. The country’s two largest cable operators are weighing a combined pledge of $1.5 billion to the project;... More »

Sprint Nextel Revives WiMAX Plans

Mobile carrier looks for partners to cut cost of high-speed wireless network

(Newser) - Struggling Sprint Nextel, burdened with layoffs, retail store closings, and massive mobile-subscriber defections to AT&T and Verizon, may be getting back in the game. The company, which recently caved to investor pressure to drop plans for a $5-billion nationwide WiMAX network, is again talking with Clearwire, its partner in... More »

10 Life-Changing Innovations

These technologies may ultimately transform human existence

(Newser) - From omnipresent Internet to cloned donor organs, LiveScience picks 10 new technologies that, when fully developed, will transform our lives.
  1. Digital libraries: When all of humanity's texts are digitized, any factual question will be answerable online.
  2. Gene therapy/stem cells: The key to curing some of our nastiest afflictions.
  3. Ubiquitous wireless
... More »

Sprint Eyes Spinning Off WiMAX Service

Company considers split; investors to share cost of network

(Newser) - Weeks after a planned partnership to build and operate a next-generation WiMAX network with Clearwire fell through, Sprint Nextel is looking for investors and is considering a spinoff of its nascent high-speed wireless operation, reports Reuters. Acting CEO Paul Saleh yesterday said the company was considering options for a WiMAX... More »

Sprint Joins Verizon in Google Phone Talks

Long-rumored gPhone may be unveiled shortly

(Newser) - Following up on earlier reports that Google was in intense talks with Verizon about building a phone based on Google software, the Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint Nextel is also talking to the search giant. Google is expected to reveal its gPhone in the next two weeks, and a... More »

6 Stories