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Surgeon in Hot Water for Doing Liposuction in a Barn

Michigan authorities suspend license of Bradley Bastow

(Newser) - It had the fancy-sounding name of the Body Laser Sculpting Medical Spa, but when Dr. Bradley Bastow's patients showed up for liposuction surgery, they saw the reality: It was actually a pole barn. On Tuesday, state health officials in Michigan suspended Bastow's osteopathic license after concluding that he... More »

Authorities: Please Don't Perform Liposuction in Barns

Michigan doctor may have endangered patients, public by doing so

(Newser) - Michigan authorities say a doctor may have endangered patients and the public by performing liposuctions in a pole barn, the AP reports. Health officials said they learned from Allegan County sheriff's investigators that the doctor was performing the procedures in the building in the town of Glenn. Allegan County... More »

Facing Fat Test, US Troops Use ... Liposuction

Stocky service members fight for their very careers

(Newser) - Don't be surprised to see US troops lining up at your nearest plastic surgeon's office—they're probably terrified of failing the Pentagon's body fat test, the AP reports. "They come in panicked about being kicked out or getting a demerit that will hurt their chances... More »

The Fastest-Growing Cosmetic Surgery Is ...

...Chin implants, but liposuction is tops overall

(Newser) - Americans are getting fed up with their chins, the BBC reports. They had 20,680 chin implants last year—up 71% from 2010—making the procedure the nation's fastest-growing cosmetic operation. But it still trails in popularity behind liposuction (325,332 last year), breast augmentation (316,848), abdominoplasty (149,... More »

After Liposuction, Fat Returns ... Somewhere Else

Study finds fat gets 'redistributed upstairs' within a year

(Newser) - People who undergo liposuction are playing Whac-A-Mole with body fat instead of achieving permanent reductions, new research suggests. Researchers found that after patients had fat deposits removed from one part of their body, the fat reappeared within a year in a different part of their body, the New York Times... More »

Military's Fat Limits Push Some Troops to Extremes

Liposuction seen as way to lose career-killing girth

(Newser) - The military is supposed to be physically rigorous, but some service members are resorting to measures such as starvation diets, dehydration, and even liposuction to meet requirements, reports the Washington Post . What's worse, the service members complain that they're perfectly fit—it's just that requirements such as the "tape... More »

Beauty Queen's Death Highlights Surgery Risk

If you must have a facelift, here are the biggest dangers

(Newser) - It should go without saying that no cosmetic surgery comes without risks—but the death of former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano, following surgery on her buttocks, is leading to a closer look at the greatest dangers. CNN talks to Nigel Mercer, a top doctor pushing for change in the industry,... More »

Spas Meet Surgery, Results Not Always Pretty

Hybrid medical spas face increasing scrutiny after death

(Newser) - Medical spas offering pedicures alongside plastic surgery are gathering steam, their numbers swelling 85% from mid-2007 to the end of last year—and coming under scrutiny. The death of a Florida woman undergoing liposuction at one of the nation's 1,800 such spas has added fire to proposed legislation in... More »

New Op Turns Those Love Handles Into Fake Breasts

Resulting implants look and feel more natural

(Newser) - A new surgical technique, tested in the US and Britain, promises to give women a “two-for-one” by taking unwanted fat from their stomach and thighs and turning it into terrific breast implants, the Daily Mail reports. These implants look and feel more natural than their silicon counterparts, proponents say,... More »

Leftover Fat From Lipos Is 'Liquid Gold' for Stem Cells

Siphoned off fat better than skin for producing embyo-free stem cells

(Newser) - Blubber may be the next big thing in stem cell research. Stanford scientists have found that leftover liposuction fat contains cells that can be changed into induced pluripotent stem cells—a type that doesn't require the use of an embryo, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Until now, scientists have... More »

'Cankle' Anxiety Grips Body-Conscious

(Newser) - Body-conscious Americans have been given a whole new area to fret about about in recent years, the Wall Street Journal reports. "Cankle"—a lower calf too chubby for an ankle to be properly defined—has entered the lexicon in recent years. Gyms, plastic surgeons, and shoe companies have... More »

Writer Probes the Land of Lipo

(Newser) - Hoping for a firsthand glimpse at the $13 billion cosmetic-surgery industry, an undercover writer visited three surgeons to ask what could be improved—on her 27-year-old, 5-foot 9-inch, 120-lb. body. “Are teenybopper idols and those who emulate them freely choosing plastic surgery? Or is plastic surgery choosing them?” Melanie... More »

Usher Wife Was in Coma After Liposuction Heart Attack

She's recovering now with family at her side

(Newser) - Usher's wife was in a coma following a heart attack during liposuction surgery, according to the latest details to emerge in the medical emergency at a Brazilian hospital, reports Tameka Foster went into cardiac and respiratory arrest as she was being anesthetized, Brazilian papers are reporting. Doctors... More »

Doc Used Patients' Blubber to Fuel Cars? Fat Chance

Beverly Hills surgeon looks to have left country ahead of health officials' raid

(Newser) - A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who claimed to have turned excess fat taken from patients into “lipodiesel” that could power his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator is apparently on the run after California health officials raided his practice, the Times of London reports. A message on Alan Bittner’s site... More »

Alleged Mafioso Gets Nipped, Tucked, Busted

Italian cops nab vain fugitive after he undergoes liposuction

(Newser) - If Domenico Magnoli had been in better shape, he might still be a free man today. Italian police nabbed the 27-year-old alleged Mafia member yesterday as he was coming out of anesthesia after having liposuction, ANSA reports. Magnoli had been on the lam for over a year, dodging French drug-trafficking... More »

Doc Hit Skids After Kanye's Mom Died

Adams' practice 'almost destroyed' by bad publicity, he tells King

(Newser) - The plastic surgeon who operated on the mother of rapper Kanye West days before her Nov. 10 death told CNN's Larry King yesterday that his Los Angeles-area practice has been "almost destroyed" by bad publicity following the tragedy. But Dr. Jan Adams, former host of the TV series Plastic ... More »

Coroner Doesn't Know Why Kanye's Mom Died

Autopsy fails to turn up official cause

(Newser) - An autopsy of rapper Kanye West's mother has failed to turn up an official cause of death, E! Online reports. A report by the Los Angeles coroner said that Donda West suffered from coronary disease as well as post-operative problems from liposuction and breast-reduction surgery, but that "the final... More »

Safari With That Liposuction?

Cosmetic surgeries can be cheaper abroad—and come with perks

(Newser) - Americans looking to get cosmetic surgery are eschewing expensive procedures at home and opting for "medical tourism," traveling abroad for cheaper procedures—that sometime come with exotic vacation perks. Countries including South Africa, Argentina, Thailand, Brazil and Singapore are marketing their health services to Americans with the promise... More »

The Best Abs Money Can Buy

Plastic surgeons carve beer bellies into six-packs

(Newser) - If you're not into crunches, you can suction your way to a six-pack. 'Abdominal etching' is a kind of precision liposuction that sucks out the fat that lies between your washboard stomach and the appreciative world. But surgeons caution that you have to have the right amount of fat to... More »

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