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12 Craziest Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dimpleplasty, eyebrow transplants, and other wacky stuff

(Newser) - Think Heidi Montag, with her laundry list of plastic surgery procedures, is a wackadoo? Her boob job and brow lift may seem downright pedestrian compared to these 12 totally crazy kinds of plastic surgery, compiled by the Daily Beast :
  1. Dimpleplasty: It sounds just like what it is: a procedure that
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The Best Abs Money Can Buy

Plastic surgeons carve beer bellies into six-packs

(Newser) - If you're not into crunches, you can suction your way to a six-pack. 'Abdominal etching' is a kind of precision liposuction that sucks out the fat that lies between your washboard stomach and the appreciative world. But surgeons caution that you have to have the right amount of fat to... More »

2 Stories