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Best, Worst Careers for Job Security

Maybe don't go into showbiz

(Newser) - What career path should you consider if job security is your main concern? To answer that question, 24/7 Wall St. looked at unemployment rates across a variety of fields and found 26 occupations with unemployment rates of just 1% or less—and another 26 with unemployment rates ranging from 8.... More »

Death More Likely Than Pink Slips for Federal Workers

Government fired just 0.55% of workers last year

(Newser) - If you’re looking for job security, look no further than the federal government, where you’re more likely to leave feet-first than be fired or laid off. According to a new USA Today analysis, the government fired just 0.55% of its workforce in the past budget-year, or 11,... More »

'European Model' Could Die: French PM

'Sluggish growth' may destroy safety net, job security

(Newser) - The prime minister of France, the country perhaps most associated with the cherished "European model" of job security and social safety nets, warned today that it may prove unsustainable because the region's economies are too stagnant. "With this sluggish growth, we cannot preserve the European social model or... More »

More Companies Should Cut Wages, Not Jobs

In a move that may be mimicked, FedEx moves to help workers, shareholders

(Newser) - It was FedEx's turn yesterday to play Scrooge, announcing cutbacks in the face of recession, but the company's strategy—cutting wages for senior execs and other salaried employees, rather than cutting jobs—maybe prove to be the smart alternative, and a harbinger of things to come, Peter Eavis writes in... More »

Watch for These Layoff Signs

Knowing it's coming could help you prepare

(Newser) - More than 750,000 American jobs vanished this year, and more cuts are likely amid the current crisis. MarketWatch offers red flags that a pink slip is coming:
  • Colleagues get fired: You are not immune, even if your boss says so.
  • Training budgets dwindle: They are "not sure if
... More »

Young Hopefuls Hit Hard by Credit Crunch

Interns give up dream of retiring at 35 with house in Hamptons

(Newser) - The sad eyes of interns watched Wall Street's precipitous drop all week. These "lackeys," who had worked all summer at investment firms, can no longer expect to  retire at 35 with houses in the Hamptons and "a closetful of Brioni suits and Hermès ties," David... More »

Canaries Get Company in Coal Mines: Recent Grads

Industry luring youth to replace aging workforce

(Newser) - Coal-mining companies are successfully recruiting college kids, promising better work conditions than the industry’s muddied image might suggest, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Some 60% of the current workforce could retire over the next decade, and jobs are suddenly abundant; young people are finding themselves explaining to their parents... More »

7 Stories