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Montag 'Auditions' for Transformers 3

She hopes stiff shoot-'em-up will win role

(Newser) - Is she kidding? A deluded Heidi Montag hopes to snag the next top spot in the Transformers franchise with an audition tape showing her awkwardly moving around targets and shooting. "This is for you, Michael Bay," she announces to the director before she begins the video, which is... More »

Glee Holds Online Audition

Fans invited to submit videos for season 2

(Newser) - Glee fanatics with a knack for singing and acting, this is your chance: the show is hosting an open casting call for all those interested in performing in season 2. Would-be stars ages 16 to 26 are invited to upload audition videos to the show's myspace page . They should have... More »

The Worst Date Movies

(Newser) - Film can stimulate romance like few other artistic mediums—but some films turn that power on its head. Nerve lists the worst date movies ever made; here are 10:
  • Dead Ringers. David Cronenburg's hallucinatory flick in which Jeremy Irons portrays identical twin gynecologists who create new gyno tools for "
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Posh Reels In $5M Idol Contract

(Newser) - Victoria Beckham has landed a $5 million contract to sit in for Paula Abdul on American Idol, even though inside sources claim she fumbled her audition, reports the Daily Mail. She has host Simon Cowell's support, though program producers are still worried she comes across as too British and is... More »

Pish-Posh: Beckham Bombs Idol Stint to Replace Abdul

(Newser) - Ice princess Victoria Beckham did manage to crack a smile when she showed up as a guest judge for American Idol to fill in for Paula Abdul last week, but that's as good as it got, reports Radar. "It didn't go too well," said a source. Posh "... More »

Ex-View Buddies Swap Barbs

Onetime co-host slams Walters tell-all as cry for attention

(Newser) - Star Jones is blasting back at Barbara Walters for claims made in her new tell-all memoir, US magazine reports. Walters writes in Audition that Jones compelled her and the other co-hosts of The View to lie about her gastric bypass surgery. More »

Few Flock to Be Paris' New Best Friend

NYC casting call for heiress' new reality show nets low turnout

(Newser) - Paris Hilton’s quest for a new best friend is off to a slow start. Casting calls for a show on which she’ll audition new pals aren’t much of a draw: Word is just 40 or 50 turned up at a New York event. And reporters were turned... More »

25 Films Worth Screaming About

The best horror films are clever, sometimes funny, and occasionally very, very scary

(Newser) - You're never too old to go trick or treating. Well, yes you are. So instead of fighting the little ones for the next sugar high, you can check out Time's top 25 scary movies:
  1. Shaun of the Dead, 2004
  2. Red Dragon, 2002
  3. Audition, 1999
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