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Neo-Nazi Town Home of 'Happy Holocaust' BBQ

Jamel's a favorite burg of right-wing fanatics

(Newser) - No one's laughing if it's "a joke." A VBS TV reporter out to discover how crazily right wing a neo-Nazi German town is stumbled upon an outdoor cooking grill emblazoned with the words "Happy Holocaust." The small town of Jamel in northeastern Germany is... More »

Egypt's Spymaster the Next President?

Omar Suileman's many strengths boost potential to move into top spot

(Newser) - As the 26-year reign of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak comes to a close, his likely successor is looking less like son Gamal, head of the benighted National Democratic Party, reports the Los Angeles Times. Instead, the man at the head of the country's foreign intelligence service, Omar Suleiman—"a... More »

German Town Wages Quirky War Against Neo-Nazis

Sausages, samba and saws disrupt rallies

(Newser) - Inhabitants of the small German town of Gräfenberg have taken up ideological arms against far-right demonstrators from the National Democratic Party, Der Spiegel reports, running loud saws, blaring samba music, and projecting images of concentration-camp victims to disrupt their rallies. The conflict started when the town's mayor declared a... More »

3 Stories