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Heart Arrhythmia May Have Influenced Beethoven Music

Scientists speculate he may have tapped into his heartbeat as he lost his hearing

(Newser) - As Beethoven went deaf, he may have started listening to his heart. In a new study published in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine , a cardiologist, an internal medical specialist, and a musicologist point out that three of the German composer's works exhibit "rhythmic shifts and punctuations" that weren'... More »

For Sale: Neil Armstrong's Moon Heartbeat

EKG shows he remained calm during descent

(Newser) - A unique piece of space memorabilia is hitting the auction block later this month—the first heartbeat on the moon. The electrocardiogram taken as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon is among 85 Apollo 11-related items being auctioned, including the joystick used to control the module's landing, PC ... More »

Wireless ECG Heart Monitor Invented

Device can transmit heart rate info up to 30 feet away from receiver

(Newser) - IMEC researchers have developed a wireless electrocardiography (ECG) patch capable of continually monitoring heart rate, the Engineer reports. The first of its kind, the patch is roughly 3" x 1" and can attach to any part of the body, transmitting heart rate info to a receiver up to 30 feet... More »

3 Stories