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10 Most Influential Young People in Business

Fortune is out with its '40 under 40' list

(Newser) - Fortune is out with a new list on the 40 most influential people in business who just happen to be under the age of 40. Mark Zuckerberg, of course, makes the cut, though a politician has him beat for the top spot. The top 10:
  1. Emmanuel Macron, president of
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Jack Welch Defends Jobs Conspiracy Theory

Compares backlash to 'Soviet Russia'

(Newser) - Jack Welch took to the Wall Street Journal 's op-ed page today to double down on his assertion that the Bureau of Labor Statistic's latest unemployment numbers look too good to be true. The ex-GE CEO's accusation drew a massive backlash , which he says seemed like something... More »

Condi: Want a Terror Attack? Abandon Afghanistan

She says liberals are wrong about wanting to pull out

(Newser) - If the GOP is serious about overcoming its current status as the party of naysayers and talk-show cranks, it should try to get Condoleezza Rice back in the game, writes Nina Easton for Fortune. At a recent women's summit, Rice earned a standing ovation from a diverse crowd after proving... More »

Angry Worker Blasts Yahoo in Email

Missive blames office politics, lousy execs for sinking company

(Newser) - A sarcastic Yahoo employee slammed the company in an email sent to Fortune today, taking aim at futile executives and lousy decision-making. In the wake of Yahoo's latest shakeup, "things could not be better," the email says: True, past "reorgs" were sparked by pointless executive shifts, but... More »

Fortune Names Top Employers

Fortune Lists the top 100

(Newser) - Thinking of a career move? Fortune Magazine has released its 100 best employers for 2008 list—and the top 10 are:
  1. Google (Mountain View, CA)
  2. Quicken Loans (Livonia, MI)
  3. Wegmans Food Markets (Rochester, NY)
  4. Edward Jones (St. Louis, MO)
  5. Genentech (South San Francisco, CA)
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Ben Stein accuses Goldman Sachs, and its former CEO Henry Paulson, of peddling mortgage securities while betting on, and abetting, their collapse

(Newser) - In an extraordinary New York Times column Republican/libertarian economist, writer, actor, and lawyer Ben Stein accuses Goldman Sachs of being a willing participant in, and even plotting, the collapse of value in the collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) market. In the last several years Goldman sold $100 billion of the instruments... More »

Google Founder's Wedding Date Suppressed

Published, retracted without explanation

(Newser) - Valleywag reports that somebody leaked Google founder Larry Page's wedding date to a Fortune editor, but the info was later scrubbed from the story in which it had appeared. And the old version of the article doesn't show up in the Google cache of the page. Yahoo cached the original... More »

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