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7 Other Shootings Emerge After Dad Shot in His Tent

Tristan Beaudette's killing may be linked to other Malibu incidents

(Newser) - An apparently senseless killing in a California wilderness park may help authorities to understand seven other strange incidents, CNN reports. Detectives say they have no motive in the murder of Tristan Beaudette, 35, a scientist who was shot in a tent beside his 2- and 4-year old daughters on June... More »

Scientist, 104, 'Resentful' He Has to End His Life Abroad

David Goodall is traveling from Australia to Switzerland for an assisted suicide

(Newser) - Australia's oldest scientist recently celebrated his 104th birthday, but it wasn't a joyous occasion. "I greatly regret having reached that age," David Goodall told ABC Australia in early April. "I'm not happy. I want to die." And that's exactly what Goodall, an... More »

Trump Is 'Silencing Civil Servants, Stifling Science'

'Whistleblower' scientist says he was forced out of Interior Dept. role into 'ill-fitting' job

(Newser) - Joel Clement wants you to know he's not a member of the "deep state," or a representative of Big Government. Instead, call him "a scientist, a policy expert, a civil servant … a worried citizen"—and now, per his opinion piece Wednesday in the Washington ... More »

Iran: We Executed Nuke Scientist Who Spied for US

Shahram Amiri had turned up in US, was returned to Iran in 2010

(Newser) - Iran has executed a nuclear scientist who gave the US intelligence about the country's contested nuclear program, Iran's official news agency, IRNA, is confirming. The Sunday report quotes a spokesman for the Iranian judiciary, Gholamhosein Mohseni Ejehi, as confirming the execution of Shahram Amiri . He says Amiri "... More »

Palin Says She's Got As Much Science Cred as Bill Nye

'He's a kids' show actor, he's not a scientist': Palin at climate-change-denying event

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has taken on rapper Azealia Banks , Lena Dunham , and, of course, President Obama , but now she's taking on science itself via one of its most well-known representatives. "Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am," Palin said Thursday at a Capitol Hill event,... More »

Scientist Injects Self With 'Eternal Life' Bacteria

Russian researcher saw mice, flies reaped benefits from bacteria, so why not?

(Newser) - In 2009, a 3.5-million-year-old bacteria strain called Bacillus F was discovered deep in the permafrost of Siberia's Sakha Republic, per Medical Daily . Scientists soon after found that mice and fruit flies exposed to the bacteria seemed to get a boost to their immune systems, leading to longer lives... More »

Scientist Who Studied 9/11 Dust Dies at 68

Paul Lioy helped identify health risks including 'World Trade Center' cough

(Newser) - Paul Lioy, one of the first scientists to gather dust samples from Lower Manhattan in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, has died at 68. He collapsed at Newark Liberty International Airport last week. His cause of death is unknown, reports the New York Times . A professor of environmental and... More »

Long-Lost Study: Penguins Rape, Kill Each Other

Adelie penguins: so depraved, history forgot about them

(Newser) - Those penguin tuxedos? Deceptive, it turns out. Certain young male penguins are so sexually depraved that their behavior was kept hidden for 100 years, the Guardian reports. British scientist George Murray Levick studied Adélie penguins during a 1910-1913 Antarctic expedition, and his report so appalled editors that details of... More »

Gator Nearly Has Scientist for Lunch

Close call in plan to move eight-foot creature

(Newser) - A North Carolina aquarium scientist planned to move an alligator from the side of a highway—but the gator had different ideas. As the scientist dropped a towel over the alligator's face and attempted to lift the eight-foot creature with his bare hands, the gator spun around, tripped the... More »

Israel, Iran Terrorists Are Killing Scientists: Officials

Mossad funding, training People’s Mujahedin of Iran, sources confirm

(Newser) - As Iran has long claimed, Israel is indeed behind the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, providing financing, training, and weapons to the Iranian terrorist group that carries out the attacks, US officials confirm to NBC News . Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed since 2007, reportedly by the People’s... More »

Iran: We Can Prove CIA Helped Kill Scientist

Tehran says it has 'evidence' of US assistance

(Newser) - Iran said today it has proof that the United States was behind the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist this week in Tehran. The IRNA state news agency said Iran's Foreign Ministry has sent a diplomatic letter to the US asserting that it has "evidence and reliable information"... More »

Iran to Retaliate Against West Over Dead Nuke Expert

Reports says plan could involve foreign assassinations

(Newser) - Chanting "death to America" and "death to Israel," thousands gathered in Iran today to mourn slain nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan , hauling his coffin through Tehran. Meanwhile, an independent news site suggested Iran is preparing a covert counteroffensive against the West in retaliation for the bomb blast.... More »

Stephen Hawking Turning 70

He has survived half-a-century with Lou Gehrig's disease

(Newser) - British scientist Stephen Hawking has decoded some of the most puzzling mysteries of the universe, but he has left one mystery unsolved: How he has managed to survive so long with such a crippling disease. The physicist was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease when he was a 21-year-old at... More »

Solar System Kicked Out Extra Planet

Early ejection may have helped Earth survive

(Newser) - Thank your lucky stars that our solar system was only big enough for eight planets. Apparently a ninth one—and a gas giant, no less—was nudged out billions of years ago and made room for Earth to survive. In computer simulations of our solar system's evolution, Colorado scientist... More »

Girls, Meet Your New Role Model

Felisa Wolfe-Simon is the young scientist behind the 'new life' discovery

(Newser) - Jezebel has a girl crush, and it's a good one. Meet Felisa Wolfe-Simon, the lead scientist behind the whiz-bang discovery about potential new life forms . Though only in her early 30s by "standard graduation-year math," she is already "insanely accomplished by anyone's standards," writes Irin... More »

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

Professor killed, another wounded in Tehran bomb attacks

(Newser) - One prominent nuclear scientist was killed and another wounded in separate attacks in Tehran today. Majid Shahriari, a member of the nuclear-engineering faculty at Tehran University, was killed when an attacker on a motorcycle attached a bomb to his car, AP reports. His colleague was injured in an identical attack... More »

Fallout From Hacked Climate Change Emails Intensifies

Scientists worry backstabbing could derail emissions agreement

(Newser) - The planet-sized rift between climate scientists skeptical about man-made global warming and the rest of the field has been getting even wider this week as the fallout from last week's hacked emails continues. Some experts fear that the emails—in which climate scientists insult skeptics and discuss ways to block... More »

Call-Girl Scientist's Dad: I Had 150 Hookers

Belle du Jour's father stunned by daughter's double life

(Newser) - The father of Britain's most famous call-girl-turned-research-scientist Brooke Magnanti says he has used more than 150 prostitutes himself, and introduced his daughter to some of them. Paul Magnanti, whose daughter's double life has captivated the British press, says meeting the women showed her the "human face" of selling sex.... More »

Ex-Hooker Blogger Is Cancer Researcher

London's 'Belle du Jour' finally spills identity

(Newser) - A former London hooker whose blog posts have been turned into books and a popular British TV series has finally revealed her identity as a scientist who works in a hospital on kids' cancer research. Dr. Brooke Magnanti, 34, has been writing under the pen name "Belle du Jour"... More »

Top US Scientist Busted for Spying

Space researcher accused of trying to sell secrets to Israel

(Newser) - A leading American space scientist has been charged with attempted espionage after being busted in an FBI sting operation. Stewart Nozette, who worked on classified aerospace projects for agencies including NASA and the Department of Defense, was arrested when he attempted to pass secrets to an FBI agent posing as... More »

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