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Rapper TI: Why a Woman President Is a Terrible Idea

He quickly apologized for controversial comments

(Newser) - Rapper TI doesn't want to be sexist, but... Yes, that's how the musician started a quote during an interview with Sirius XM DJ Whoo Kid when asked about Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, the Huffington Post reports. "Not to be sexist but, I can’t vote for... More »

Croatia Gets First Female President

Conservative Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic wins runoff election

(Newser) - A conservative populist become Croatia's first female president today after beating the center-left incumbent in a runoff election amid deep discontent over economic woes in the European Union's newest member . The state electoral commission said that with about 97% of the vote counted, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic won 50.54%,... More »

Hillary: US Should Have a Female President

You know, speaking hypothetically

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton says she hopes the US will have a female president in her lifetime because it would send "exactly the right historic signal" to women and girls as well as men and boys. And, yes, she used the phrase "hypothetically speaking." The former secretary of state... More »

Brazil's First Female President Sworn In

Dilma Rousseff faces challenge of living up to predecessor

(Newser) - Dilma Rousseff was sworn in as Brazil's first female president today, capping a rapid political trajectory for the career technocrat and former Marxist rebel who was imprisoned and tortured during the nation's long military dictatorship. Rousseff, 63, takes the helm of Latin America's largest nation, which has risen both financially... More »

11 Women Who Rule the World

The total number shot from 9 to 11 just last week

(Newser) - Two women—Mari Kiviniemi in Finland and Julia Gillard in Australia—became heads of state last week, bringing the total number of female world leaders to 11. Vanity Fair introduces all of them; meet a few in the gallery, or for the complete slideshow, click here . More »

Costa Rica Elects First Female President

'Today we are making history': Laura Chinchilla

(Newser) - Costa Ricans have elected their first female president: Ruling party candidate Laura Chinchilla won in a landslide after campaigning to continue free-market policies in Central America's most stable nation. "Today we are making history," said Chinchilla, who will become the fifth Latin American woman to serve as president.... More »

Finding the Next Hillary

NYT peers into the future for women who could take the White House

(Newser) - With Hillary Clinton looking fated to remain a senator, the New York Times explores who could succeed her as a likely contender to become the first woman president. The candidate would have to be from the South or the West, a Democrat with red-state appeal or a Republican from the... More »

The McCain-Obama Buddy Flick

Guys jumping between the two are picking machismo over politics

(Newser) - For too many men, the 2008 election is a McCain-Obama buddy flick, writes Edward McClelland for Salon. The candidates may be ideological opponents, but the grizzled veteran and hip black guy share qualities men admire in other men, like independence, charisma, and toughness. Many guys are backing both, ideology be... More »

Why Iowa's a Slog for Hillary

As memo predicted in May, the state has been an uphill battle

(Newser) - The Hillary Clinton camp was convinced that the road to the nomination must go through Iowa, but right about now they may be wishing they'd taken the advice of an aide who urged her to bypass the first caucus state completely. Politico revisits the aide's May memo for keys to... More »

What's Bill Doing in This Picture?

Billary could become first woman* president, opines Politico scribe

(Newser) - Once, Hillary Clinton wanted to keep Bill and his baggage tucked safely in the backseat. Now, as panic takes hold in Iowa, she's set him loose, the latest swerve in a "herky-jerky" campaign that has hopped from strategy to strategy, writes the Politico’s Elizabeth Drew in an analysis... More »

'Smash Highest Glass Ceiling,' Hillary Urges

Wellesley students give alum a rock-star welcome

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton may have taken a beating in the candidate debates this week, but the Wellesley College alum was hailed as a rock star when she returned to the all-women's campus to urge students to "shatter that highest glass ceiling." As students roared in approval, Clinton proclaimed: "... More »

'24' Will Elect Female Prez in '08

Cherry Jones to inhabit Oval Office in Fox thriller

(Newser) - The United States will have a female president next year—and on Fox, no less. The political thriller "24" will feature Tony Award-winning actress Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor when the seventh season of Jack Bauer's technological derring-do kicks off in January.  More »

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