Hurricane Noel

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Noel Grazes Mass., Hits Canada

43,000 New Englanders lose power in winds up to 70 mph

(Newser) - New England was only hit with the remnants of Hurricane Noel, but that was enough to cut power for about 43,000 people, with winds howling up to 70 mph. Massachusetts felt the brunt of the storm, with Cape Cod and coastal communities suffering most of the outages. The storm... More »

Hurricane Noel Toll Hits 108

Furious storm slammed Caribbean, but is expected to spare Florida

(Newser) - Tropical storm Noel was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane last night, and has claimed 108 lives, making it the deadliest Atlantic storm this year. The island of Hispaniola suffered nearly all the fatalities, with 66 reported in the Dominican Republic and 40 in Haiti, most of them in or... More »

Noel Kills 81; Surges to Bahamas

Bahamas brace for storm as Noel gathers strength

(Newser) - Children were torn from parents' arms by surging floodwater as Tropical Storm Noel continued to drench Hispaniola yesterday and churned toward the Bahamas, where it may reach hurricane strength when it makes landfall today. Flooding and mudslides in the Dominican Republic and Haiti pushed the death toll in the region... More »

Weaker Noel Soaks Cuba

Storm will hit Bahamas next, probably miss Florida

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Noel hit Cuba today as its rains kept drenching the Dominican Republic and Haiti, CNN reports. The ex-hurricane's 40 mph winds and 5 to 15 inches of rain are expected to stay over Cuba tonight before moving north tomorrow. Forecasters say the storm will likely miss the US,... More »

4 Stories