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As Time Wanes for Haiti Rescue, Aid Efforts Improve

Ban Ki-moon promises more help from the UN

(Newser) - With time running out for any survivors of last week's earthquake, international search and rescue teams intensified their efforts in Haiti. Three people were rescued yesterday—including a 7-year-old girl who survived for days in a collapsed supermarket—bringing the total number of those pulled alive from the rubble to... More »

US Troops Man Airport, Rescuers Race Clock

Time running out as workers battle chaos

(Newser) - US troops have taken over security and cargo operations at Haiti's main airport as rescuers struggle mightily against deadlines for saving lives, amid chaos and near-total destruction. The chances of saving victims declines steeply after the first 48 hours following an earthquake. Efforts have been stymied by a poor medical... More »

Quake Caught on Video

Orderly scene shattered

(Newser) - The first seconds of the earthquake that delivered death and devastation to Haiti was captured on a videotape obtained by CBS News . The hazy film shows cars waiting to enter a roadway, when suddenly the scene shakes violently, cars careen to a stop and a large building appears to erupt... More »

Hurricane Noel Toll Hits 108

Furious storm slammed Caribbean, but is expected to spare Florida

(Newser) - Tropical storm Noel was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane last night, and has claimed 108 lives, making it the deadliest Atlantic storm this year. The island of Hispaniola suffered nearly all the fatalities, with 66 reported in the Dominican Republic and 40 in Haiti, most of them in or... More »

4 Stories