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Female Yahoo Exec Fires Back at Harassment Suit

She says female accuser was trying to save job, shares

(Newser) - The female Yahoo executive accused of coercing a female subordinate into sex has fired back with a lawsuit of her own, accusing former employee Nan Shi of making the whole story up for money. In the countersuit, Maria Zhang says she never had sex with Shi, whom she says concocted... More »

Female Yahoo Exec Accused of Sex Harassment by Female

Woman claims she was coerced into sex, then fired when she put a stop to it

(Newser) - Sexual harassment complaints aren't uncommon in the tech industry, but a new one at Yahoo is making headlines because of an unusual twist: A female executive is accused of coercing a female subordinate into sex. The lawsuit filed by engineer Nan Shi says that her boss, mobile exec Maria... More »

Mob Sex Assaults Mar Egypt's Inauguration

Seven men arrested after graphic video

(Newser) - As crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Square yesterday celebrated the election victory of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, things turned ugly: Mobs sexually assaulted at least five women, CNN reports. Graphic video of one attack shows a woman stripped and bloodied, facing continued attacks even as police take her to their vehicle. Seven... More »

Sterling Sued Over Yet More Alleged Racism

Alleged ex: He slammed my marriage to a black man

(Newser) - Ready for more incredibly offensive comments attributed to Donald Sterling? A new lawsuit, brought by yet another alleged lover, offers up quite a few. Maiko Maya King says the two dated between 2005 and 2011 and she later worked for him, at which point she faced "a steady stream... More »

Nearly Half of Young Men Report 'Sexual Coercion'

43% had unwanted sexual experience

(Newser) - A huge proportion of young men say they have ended up submitting to unwanted sexual advances—and 95% of the time, a female they knew was the aggressor, according to new research. The study found that 43% of high school or college-age men reported being coerced into unwanted sexual behavior,... More »

Guy Hits Illinois Guv Hopeful With Sex Harassment Suit

Treasurer Dan Rutherford's gubernatorial campaign might be in trouble

(Newser) - One part of the lawsuit is kind of a yawner, politically speaking: A former employee of the state treasurer's office in Illinois says he was pressured to work on his boss' campaign for governor on company time, reports the Chicago Tribune . It's the other part that's generating... More »

Reported Sex Assaults Surge 50% in US Military

Pentagon says it's because more people feel confident enough to come forward

(Newser) - The number of reported sexual assaults in the military rose by more than 50% this year, but defense officials say that figure is actually a sign of progress. Heightened attention to the problem is causing more people to come forward as they gain confidence in the system, they say. More... More »

Kiss Gets Colorado 6-Year-Old Suspended

Hunter Yelton says he has crush on girl he kissed, who likes him back

(Newser) - A 6-year-old boy has been suspended for two days from a Colorado school for kissing a girl on the cheek and hand—with his actions being labeled "sexual harassment" by Canon City school officials. Further, they want it added to Hunter Yelton's school record, reports the AP . Hunter... More »

Filner Pleads Guilty to False Imprisonment, Battery

Former San Diego mayor may have reached plea deal

(Newser) - Former San Diego mayor and alleged equal-opportunity-groper Bob Filner has not seen the end of his troubles yet. The AP reports he pleaded guilty today to charges of false imprisonment and battery "by violence, fraud, menace, and deceit," according to the official complaint, which, the AP notes, does... More »

Judge to Intern: You Can't Sue Over Sex Harassment

Because she's not a paid employee

(Newser) - If you thought being unpaid was the worst part about being an "unpaid intern," consider this: A judge has ruled that a female intern can't sue her male boss on a sexual harassment claim because she is not an employee and thus not entitled to the usual... More »

San Diego Mayor Resigns, Blames 'Lynch Mob'

Bob Filner will be officially gone on August 30

(Newser) - He's gone, or will be in a matter of days: San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will resign effective August 30, reports AP . The city council today accepted a deal that calls for Filner to step down after nearly 20 women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment . The... More »

Great-Grandmother: I Was Also Harassed by SD Mayor

Peggy Shannon: Filner made suggestive comments to me

(Newser) - With 14 women accusing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment , could there be any more? Great-grandmother Peggy Shannon answered today in the affirmative, the Los Angeles Times reports. The part-time City Hall employee, aged 67, said Filner made suggestive comments to her, gave her an unwanted kiss, and... More »

San Diego Mayor Leaves Rehab Early

Barbara Boxer urges Bob Filner to quit in open letter

(Newser) - San Diego Mayor Bob Filner promised to undergo two weeks of "intensive" therapy at a clinic after a spate of sex-harassment accusations , but he's ducked out after just a week, reports the Los Angeles Times . His lawyers say he'll continue therapy as an outpatient and remains on... More »

Filner's Lawyer: San Diego Liable for Sex Harassment

City didn't provide beleaguered mayor with harassment training

(Newser) - San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been accused of putting female staffers in headlocks , patting their butts , and requesting that they work sans undies , among other things , and yet according to his lawyer, it's all San Diego's fault. "If there is any liability at all, the City... More »

As 8th Woman Comes Forward, San Diego Sues Mayor

City Council wants Bob Filner to pay back any legal fees

(Newser) - Yesterday, scandalized San Diego Mayor Bob Filner asked the City Council to cover his legal bills in the sex harassment lawsuit filed against him by a former aide. Not only did the council tell him "no way," it's also decided to file a lawsuit of its own... More »

Scandalized Mayor to City Council: Pay My Legal Bills

Bob Filner's attorney makes official request in San Diego

(Newser) - San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been accused of, among other things, telling a former aide she should come to work sans underwear; seven of the nine City Council members want him to resign. But he's not—he's fighting the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him ... and... More »

Ex-Staffer: San Diego Mayor Patted My Butt in Public

Bob Filner hit with another sexual harassment complaint

(Newser) - No, you're not experiencing a case of déjà vu . San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been accused of sexual harassment again. Former campaign staffer Laura Fink says she was attending a fundraiser with the then-congressman back in 2005 when Filner patted her butt in front of a table... More »

Ex-Staffer: SD Mayor Wanted Me to Work Sans Panties

Irene McCormack Jackson files lawsuit against Bob Filner

(Newser) - The first woman has come forward to detail the alleged sexual harassment she says she suffered at the hands of San Diego mayor Bob Filner , whom she is suing, NBC San Diego reports. "The past six months turned out to be the worst time of my entire working life,... More »

Revealed: What San Diego's Mayor Is Accused Of

Bob Filner swears he's not guilty

(Newser) - If your female employees have named a headlock after you, odds are, you're a pretty bad boss. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner allegedly falls into that category, we learned yesterday, as attorney Marco Gonzalez finally detailed some of the sexual harassment allegations that he and other ex-Filner supporters have... More »

How Obama Inadvertently Helped Military Sex Abusers

His words as commander in chief damning them will complicate trials: NY Times

(Newser) - He meant well. Back in May, President Obama said he had no more patience with the rising number of sexual assault cases in the military, and he declared that perpetrators should be “prosecuted, stripped of their positions, court-martialed, fired, dishonorably discharged." The problem, as the New York Times... More »

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