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Anheuser-Busch to UFC: Enough With the Homophobia

Sponsor cites concern over 'certain remarks' made by athletes

(Newser) - After a series of sexist and homophobic comments from Ultimate Fighting Championship competitors, sponsor Anheuser-Busch has had it. The company issued a warning to the UFC over "certain remarks made by some of its fighters," says a spokesman. "If the incidents continue, we will act." Advocacy... More »

Cops: Man Robs Expert in Ultimate Fighting ...

... or tries to, and earns epic mugshot

(Newser) - Reason not to mug someone trained in mixed martial arts and Ultimate Fighting: Anthony Miranda's police mugshot. Chicago police say Miranda, 24, pulled a gun on a man sitting in a car, then demanded that the man get out. That's when the "victim," identified only as... More »

Fallujah Video Game Sparks Vet Family Fury

(Newser) - A realistic video game featuring a historic Fallujah battle involving US forces in Iraq has incensed vets and their families, reports ABC News. Six Days in Fallujah is due out next year, and involves Marine consultants to ensure accuracy of the action. "It's upsetting," said a mom who... More »

Fighter, Wife Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Levens had been banned from mixed martial arts circuit for pain killer

(Newser) - An extreme martial arts fighter known as "the executioner" and his wife have been found dead in their California home in what police are investigating as a murder-suicide, reports the Los Angeles Times. A gun was found next to the body of Justin Levens, 28, who died from a... More »

Military's New Recruiting Tool: Ultimate Fighting

Demographics, skills of mixed martial arts appeal to recruiters

(Newser) - The US military is mining an unlikely new recruiting ground: the 18- to 30-year-old devotees of mixed martial arts. MMA, which John McCain once labeled human cockfighting, has surged in popularity while instituting rules to appease lawmakers. The armed forces have begun organizing ultimate fighting championships of their own, not... More »

Martial Arts Champ Takes on Ultimate Fight

The Tiger Woods of mixed martial arts defects from league

(Newser) - Not unlike a real-life version of Soviet pain machine Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, Russian mixed martial arts fighter Fedor Emelianenko is, pound-for-pound, the world's best fighter, Esquire reports, and now he's set to give the MMA industry a run for its money. Or maybe his money. Emelianenko's decision to... More »

Fighters Throw Down With UFC

Nice guy Randy Couture calls it quits

(Newser) - Ultimate Fighting's most public face, Randy Couture, recently sucker-punched the UFC when he unexpectedly quit, saying he was "tired of being taken advantage of." But Couture isn’t the only disenchanted fighter, reports Time. UFC president Dana White blames fame—and a “puke Hollywood agent”—for... More »

7 Stories