Andy Warhol

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Alice Cooper Finds Vintage Warhol 'Rolled Up in a Tube'

It's been in storage for decades

(Newser) - Some people forget where they put their keys; others forget they own an Andy Warhol masterpiece that could be worth $10 million. That's how the Daily Beast frames a recent discovery by rock star Alice Cooper, who, for more than 40 years, has had in his keep a silkscreen... More »

Painting Made by 21-Year-Old in 1982 Sells for $110.5M

Jean-Michel Basquiat masterpiece busts auction records

(Newser) - An artwork created by a 21-year-old American in 1982 broke several records at an auction in New York City Thursday night—including most expensive work by a US artist. Jean-Michel Basquiat's untitled painting of a skull sold for $110.5 million to Japanese fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa, who set... More »

FBI Offers $25K Reward in Theft of Warhol Soup Prints

Seven of the Missouri museum's 10 prints were stolen last week

(Newser) - Federal investigators looking into the theft of artwork from a Missouri museum—including Andy Warhol prints of Campbell soup cans—hope a $25,000 reward stirs up leads, the AP reports. According to the Springfield News-Leader , the FBI says the break-in at the Springfield Art Museum took place early last... More »

Warhol Bidding Is Behind 2014's $16B in Art Sales

Collectors paid more than $650M for Andy Warhol works alone

(Newser) - As it stands, the estimated $16 billion in art sales in 2014 is the second-highest in history, close on the heels of the $16.3 billion record set in 2011. And a sizable chunk is attributed to fierce competition among billionaires for works by Andy Warhol, 1,295 of which... More »

Artist Finds Lost Warhols on Floppy Disks

YouTube video inspires new media artist to unearth doodles

(Newser) - What would Andy Warhol do with a primitive approximation of MSPaint? Now we know. An old video uploaded to YouTube sent one new media artist on a quest that culminated in the discovery of a variety of previously unknown Andy Warhol works, The Verge reports. After seeing a 1985 video... More »

Jury: Ryan O'Neal Can Keep Warhol Portrait of Farrah

University of Texas sued, says Farrah willed it to the school with other art

(Newser) - A strange footnote to Farrah Fawcett's death has been settled in court: Ryan O'Neal can keep a large portrait that Andy Warhol made of her in 1980 and that now hangs over O'Neal's bed. A California jury ruled today that the silk screen on canvas belongs... More »

Knitters Drop 'Yarn Bomb' on Pittsburgh Bridge

Warhol Bridge is looking decidedly crafty

(Newser) - More than 1,800 knitters have covered Pittsburgh's Andy Warhol Bridge with colorful yarn. Volunteers worked all weekend to attach 580 blanket-size, hand-knitted panels to the pedestrian walkways on the bridge in the city where Warhol was born. The project was organized by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, which... More »

Art World About to Be Swimming in Warhols

Warhol foundation to auction off 20K works

(Newser) - We've got bad news for art collectors who've invested heavily in screen prints of soup cans: Their value might be about to plummet, because Andy Warhol's estate is selling out. The Andy Warhol Foundation is dumping its entire collection—more than 20,000 works—in a move... More »

Warhol's Double Elvis Sells for $37M

Lichtenstein's 'Sleeping Girl' brings in $45M

(Newser) - Another strong day for Sotheby's, though maybe not on the scale of the The Scream :
  • Andy Warhol's silkscreen Double Elvis sold for $37 million. One of 22 made by Warhol, it's based on a movie still and shows Elvis as a gun-toting cowboy, notes the Guardian .
  • Roy
... More »

Visiting Brit: I Bought $2M Warhol at a Garage Sale

Andy Fields picked up the painting for just $5

(Newser) - Andy Fields may inspire you to visit the local garage sale next time around. The British businessman and art collector says he bought a $2-million Andy Warhol painting for only $5 at a Las Vegas garage sale two years ago, the Daily Mail reports. In fact, he hardly noticed it... More »

Warhol Elvis May Fetch $50M

Cowboy painting coming up for auction

(Newser) - Andy Warhol's 1963 "Double Elvis" painting is poised to fetch a whopping $25 million per Elvis at auction this spring. Sotheby's has set an estimate of up to $50 million for the work, which shows Elvis dressed as a cowboy and shooting from the hip, AP reports.... More »

Velvet Underground, Warhol Estate Battle Over Banana

Surviving musicians say they own rights to iconic album art

(Newser) - The Velvet Underground is taking the Warhol Foundation to court over the rights to rock and roll's best-known banana. The surviving members of the band argue that the banana illustration then-manager Andy Warhol created for their massively influential 1967 debut album has become their trademark, and Warhol's estate... More »

Liz Taylor's Wardrobe, Warhol Fetch Huge $2.6M

Hollywood icon's haute couture auctioned off

(Newser) - The record-breaking auction of Elizabeth Taylor's gems was followed by the record-breaking sale of part of her wardrobe, in bidding that proved to be just as fierce and racked up a staggering $2.6 million. All 67 lots, including designer gowns, feathery capes, and the wedding dress she wore... More »

Andy Warhol Grows Old in New Sculpture

Artwork marks what would have been his 83rd birthday

(Newser) - Had Andy Warhol survived gallbladder surgery, he would have turned 83 on Saturday—a very, very old 83. At least that's how artist Edgar Askelovic imagines him: with bloated legs, lots of wrinkles, and toothless, but still with a shock of white hair. Askelovic, 23, used silicone and clay... More »

Ryan O'Neal Sued for Farrah's Warhol Portrait

Actor says he has second painting, not the one in dispute

(Newser) - Actor Ryan O'Neal has been sued for hanging on to an Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett that a university charges was bequeathed to the institution. University of Texas officials say they spotted the Warhol hanging over O'Neal's bed during a reality TV show featuring the actor.... More »

Warhol Self-Portrait Fetches Record $38.4M

Private bidder prevails after 'longest lot in history'

(Newser) - A private European collector walked off with Andy Warhol's very first self-portrait after a 16-minute bidding war at Christie's Wednesday night. The 1963-64 work sold for $38.44 million after two competing bidders kept raising their price in increments of $100,000, causing Christie’s auctioneer to call... More »

Andy Warhol Self-Portrait Fetches $17M

It goes for twice as much as expected

(Newser) - A self-portrait by Andy Warhol has sold for $17 million—double its pre-sale estimate—at a London auction. Christie's says the work had been in a private collection since 1974, one of a series of 11 self-portraits Warhol created. The image of red and white silkscreen ink on canvas shows... More »

Dennis Hopper's Wife Yanks Art From Auction

Battle rages over late actor's estate

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper's estranged wife has yanked a portion of his art collection from an auction. The artwork is at the center of a heated battle over the late actor's estate. Hopper began divorce proceedings against his fifth wife,Victoria Duffy, and obtained a restraining order against her as he lay... More »

Cops Hunt Tunneling Warhol Thieves

Crooks grab surveillance camera, too

(Newser) - Cops are hunting brazen art thieves who tunneled into a Manhattan apartment building and made off with works by Roy Lichenstein and Andy Warhol. The crooks broke into a wall of the five-story apartment in the trendy meatpacking district to grab $750,000 in art and jewelry. They also made... More »

Warhol Coke Piece Sells for a Fizzy $33M

Work sells beyond Sotheby's estimate, capping $222M sale

(Newser) - Recession? What recession? It's apparently not happening in the world of art auctions, where Andy Warhol's Large Coca-Cola went for a fizzy $33 million to cap a $222 million pop art sale at Sotheby's in New York. The auction also included top-selling works by Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein, and Willem... More »

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