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LeBron James Just Became a Legend

Cleveland's championship is 'transformative'

(Newser) - LeBron James led his Cleveland Cavaliers to a Game 7 win Sunday night to cap an epic championship series, one in which the Cavs became the first team to come back from a 3-1 deficit. Some of the next-morning analysis:
  • If there are any LeBron haters left, it's time
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Deeded to God, Healing Springs Draw Believers

South Carolina Healing Springs are site of 1781 legend

(Newser) - A natural spring in South Carolina was deeded to God, and those who have visited it over the past 233 years have no trouble seeing why. "I'd take a shower in it if I could," Annabelle Galik says of the Healing Springs of Barnwell County. "Jesus... More »

Debunking the Myth of the 'Oklahoma Octopus'

Freshwater octopus would need physiological changes, river navigation

(Newser) - Thanks to unexplained drowning deaths in Oklahoma lakes over the past few years, a strange theory has begun spreading its tentacles. According to some, what's to blame is... a killer freshwater octopus. It's true the octopus is an adaptive wonder, capable of living just about anywhere in the... More »

Have Scientists Just Found the 'Brazilian Atlantis'?

They detect what could be lost part of continent off Brazil

(Newser) - It's hard not to take notice when the word "Atlantis" is uttered, and though the storied island hasn't yet been found, researchers now say they may have discovered what could be the "Brazilian Atlantis." A manned Japanese submersible has taken video of a huge granite... More »

Goat's Head Sent to Chicago Cubs Owner

'Curse' on team tied to goat legend

(Newser) - Chicago Cubs fans have long feared a curse on the team after a man with a goat was told to leave Wrigley Field during a 1945 championship game. Perhaps it was that story that prompted the delivery of a goat's head to the team's owner, Tom Ricketts, yesterday... More »

Crime Doesn't Rise During Full Moon

Legendary link is just that—a legend: criminal justice experts

(Newser) - Crime rises with the temperature and climbs during weekends—but not during the time of the full moon, illuminating new research reveals. Crime statistics for San Antonio helped criminologists shed some light on the deeply entrenched belief in what the researchers called "the lunar-crime relationship," reports USA Today ... More »

Real Betsy Ross Was a Lot More Interesting

She was admirably 'scruffier' than her whitewashed legend

(Newser) - Think of Betsy Ross, and you probably picture a demure, patriotic seamstress and maybe an apple pie or two. That's too bad, because the real Betsy Ross was a pistol, "a tough businesswoman fond of dark snuff and storytelling," writes Ruth Graham for Slate . Fortunately, a new wave... More »

Lincoln's Watch Yields Hidden Message

(Newser) - A legend about a DC watchmaker who etched a secret message inside Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch is true, the Washington Post reports. Smithsonian officials opened the watch today and found it amid the tiny gears: "Jonathan Dillon April 13, 1861. Fort Sumter was attacked by the rebels on... More »

Rats Plague Pied Piper City

Infestation threatens to spoil anniversary

(Newser) - The 725th anniversary of the Pied Piper's legendary removal of rats from the German town of Hamelin could be spoiled by—wait for it—rats. The rodents have infested an empty lot the size of a soccer field close to the picturesque medieval town. Rather than hire another piper, authorities... More »

Relax, It's Just a Bald Coyote

Strange find is not chupacabra of urban legend

(Newser) - Scientists have identified the peculiar animals found in southern Texas this summer—and they’re not the bloodsucking chupacabras of Mexican lore. No, the three bodies discovered near San Antonio were actually just coyotes that had lost their hair, DNA tests show. Researchers say the doglike beasts are a “... More »

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