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Amanda Peet: I'll Fight Aging, but I Won't Do Botox

It would be like 'crossing the Rubicon'

(Newser) - Amanda Peet is a 44-year-old actress and thus well acquainted with the pressure on women in the public eye to magically halt the aging process. And as she explains in an essay at Lenny , she's not above taking some extra steps toward that goal. “It’s painfully obvious,... More »

5 Celeb Moms Who Battled Postpartum Depression

One even feared she would kill her family

(Newser) - Postpartum depression affects up to 13% of women—including these nine celebrity moms rounded up by The Stir . A sampling:
  • Amanda Peet suffered from "fairly serious" depression after her daughter was born, she revealed in 2008. "I want to be honest about it because I think there’s
... More »

14 Celebs Who Are Ivy Leaguers

Some of them may surprise you

(Newser) - Hey, who said stars can't also be smart? PopSugar rounds up 28 celebrities who attended Ivy League schools. A sampling, all of whom graduated:
  • Lupita Nyong'o: Has her master's in drama from Yale.
  • John Legend: Graduated from UPenn with an English degree.
  • Meryl Streep: Got her MFA
... More »

14 Geeky Celeb Gals

Anna Kendrick is a 'Lord of the Rings' fan; Megan Fox likes anime

(Newser) - Anna Kendrick may be a rising star with a role in the Twilight franchise to boot, but she's not above some good old-fashioned nerdiness. "I happen to be a huge Lord of the Rings fan," she recently revealed, adding that she watches the extended editions, marathon-style, every ... More »

2012 Soars to Top Spot

Apocalypse flick does $65M as 'Precious' cracks top 5

(Newser) - Apocalypse preview 2012 raked in $65 million domestically at the weekend box office, the high end of the prerelease estimate range, en route to a $225 million haul worldwide. The doomsday action flick handily beat A Christmas Carol, which performed strongly in its second weekend in release. A new entry... More »

Martian Lands With a Thud

Would-be dramedy is just tragic

(Newser) - Critics were less than awed by the arrival of Martian Child, the saccharine story of a recently widowed science-fiction writer (John Cusack) and his unlikely adoption of a young boy (Bobby Coleman) who claims to be from Mars. Manohla Dargis of the Times calls the manipulative family dramedy "100... More »

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