American Sign Language

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These Gloves Turn Sign Language Into Speech

College students awarded $10K prize for invention

(Newser) - Some half a million people use American Sign Language to communicate. Now, communicating with others who don't know ASL could be as easy as donning a pair of gloves. Navid Azodi and Thomas Pryor, undergraduates at the University of Washington, were recently awarded a $10,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize... More »

Storm's Unlikely Star: Bloomberg's ASL Interpreter

Lydia Callis' Sandy ASL updates were full of enthusiasm

(Newser) - There's not much room for positive news in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but one woman has captured the hearts of those following the news of the storm, reports the New York Post . Lydia Callis is Mayor Michael Bloomberg's American Sign Language translator, and was on hand at... More »

Communicating Chimp Signs Off

Washoe, simian with impressive vocabulary, is dead at 42

(Newser) - Washoe, the first non-human to learn a human language, is being remembered as a linguistic pioneer and a "polite, cheerful person," even though she was a chimp. Washoe, who died this week at 42, could use around 250 different American Sign Language signs in conversation, the Seattle Times ... More »

3 Stories