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FEMA Wants to Airlift Displaced Puerto Ricans to NY, Florida

But logistics are still an issue for temporary relocation, and most don't want to leave

(Newser) - Florida and New York could soon see an influx of temporary new residents, reports CNN , as FEMA works with those two states to let Puerto Rican hurricane survivors relocate to the US mainland. At the top of the list would be the 3,000 or so people stuck in shelters... More »

A 6-Ton Painting Is About to Make a Tricky Move

Massive 2-day effort underway to relocate 'Cyclorama' across Atlanta

(Newser) - A colossal panoramic painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta from the US Civil War will be lifted by cranes from the building where it's been housed for nearly a century and then trucked to its new location. Moving the 6-ton Cyclorama, one of the nation's largest paintings, from... More »

Black Bears Get Last-Second Save —From Alaska Gov

5 roaming streets of Anchorage were set to be euthanized

(Newser) - A female black bear and four yearling cubs who have been making a living Dumpster diving in Anchorage will get a new home—and not that great trout stream in the sky, thanks in part to the actions of Alaska Gov. Bill Walker. As the Alaska Dispatch News reports, Walker... More »

Obama Statue Will Leave Indonesian Park

'Little Barry' bound for president's old school

(Newser) - A statue of President Obama that has drawn the ire of tens of thousands on Facebook will be moved from a park in Jakarta, Indonesia, to a less prominent spot near his old school. That location “is more appropriate,” an official tells AFP . He said the statue will... More »

Americans Staying Put Amid Recession

Number of people moving at lowest since WWII

(Newser) - The recession, with its attendant falloff in home prices and job opportunities, has pared back the traditional American activity of relocation to its lowest level since World War II. A new study shows that 12% of Americans moved in the last two years, compared to 14% earlier this decade, 17%... More »

Gay Iraqis Fear for Their Lives

Human Rights Watch attempts to save persecuted gays from murder

(Newser) - Iraqi society is overwhelmingly  homophobic, but that prejudice took a back seat to more pressing issues while war was raging. Now, as Shia militias find themselves with time on their hands, they appear to have turned to a perceived internal problem, “to make society clean from bad things.”... More »

Job Market Splitting Up Couples

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans relocates for new position

(Newser) - With the job market failing to recover along with the larger economy, two-career couples are facing tough choices and increasingly being forced into long-distance relationships. A recent survey has found that 18.2% of Americans who took new jobs in the second quarter also relocated, up from 11.4% a... More »

Wall Street Sets Up Shop in DC

Firms descend on Washington to work on the bailout

(Newser) - With Washington the focal point of the financial crisis, consulting, real estate, and legal firms are moving from New York to DC, the Washington Post reports. Financial firms see vast opportunities to advise DC companies on the bailout bill and fight for Treasury contracts. Why relocate? “Our business is... More »

Quaid to Hollywood: I'm Outta Here

Actor isn't retiring, just packing up family for move back to Texas

(Newser) - Actor Dennis Quaid is heading for the hills—no, make that the plains—of Texas with his family, OK! reports. He’s relocating to his hometown, Houston, to be nearer friends and family, Quaid says, not quitting the business. More »

Unsold Homes Handcuffing Job-Seekers

Housing crisis crimps mobility, prevents workers from moving

(Newser) - The housing crisis that’s kept many from selling their homes has, in turn, warped the job market, the New York Times reports. Those who can’t sell their houses can’t relocate to seek work. Usually, more than 5 million workers move per year. But now, tens of thousands... More »

Citing US Troubles, Illegal Immigrants 'Self-Deport'

Immigrants face tougher law enforcement and worsening economy

(Newser) - More illegal immigrants in the US are "self-deporting" back to their home countries in the face of stricter immigration enforcement and a worsening economy, Reuters reports. "The situation has got so tough that there don't seem to be many options left for us," said a Mexican immigrant.... More »

Darfur Boots UN Official

Humanitarian-aid coordinator accused unspecified infractions

(Newser) - A UN official in charge of humanitarian efforts in Darfur has been ousted from the war-torn region of Sudan, the UN said yesterday. The state's governor accused the official, Wael al-Haj Ibrahim, of violating "the rules of humanitarian action." But both UN officials and members of Ibrahim's organization... More »

Sonics Owner Vows Move to Oklahoma

Seattle locals float buy bid to hold off relocation

(Newser) - The Seattle SuperSonics’ owner said today he will move the team to Oklahoma City. Clay Bennett isn’t satisfied with the Sonics’ current arena, where the lease expires in 2010; he gave the city a deadline to plan a new stadium, which passed this week. Bennett wants to void the... More »

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