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Food Prices Climb to Record High

February sees eighth straight month of increase

(Newser) - World food prices climbed for the eighth straight month in February, hitting a record high, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization announced today. The organization’s price index climbed 2.2%, to an average of 236 points, according to the Wall Street Journal , the highest level since records began... More »

UN: Hunger Affects Record 1B

Food program directors warn that hunger crisis threatens world peace

(Newser) - United Nations food officials warn that a record 1 billion people worldwide aren't getting enough to eat, the BBC reports. The UN said the number of people affected by hunger—defined as getting less than 1,800 calories daily—has jumped by 100 million people over the last year because... More »

Scientists Work on New 'Green Revolution'

Solving food crisis will depend on a steady diet of innovation

(Newser) - Food scientists are plotting a new "green revolution" to solve a growing food crisis, LiveScience reports. Facing what a World Food Program official called a “silent tsunami” of world hunger, researchers are working on a sequel to the first "green revolution" of the mid-20th century, whose innovations... More »

Boom Time on Heartland Farms

US farmers strike it rich satisfying ethanol, export demands

(Newser) - The US economy may be teetering on a precipice but agriculture is enjoying what one industry analyst is calling a "golden age" after decades of decline, with bountiful harvests of crops and profits. The boom is fueled by the soaring demand from ethanol producers and to fill grain orders... More »

World on Brink of Food Crisis

Soaring world food prices spark political unrest

(Newser) - Recent food riots and famine warnings in response to soaring world prices for food staples are only a taste of graver problems to come, the Guardian reports. Food price inflation is at record levels, and global food reserves are at their lowest in 25 years, according to a United Nations... More »

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