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Two Shot in Somalia Food Riots

Thousands protest over inflation and soaring prices

(Newser) - Soldiers shot and killed at least two people in Somalia as thousands rioted over inflation and soaring food prices. A recent rash of counterfeiting has led some merchants to only accept US dollars, instead of local shillings, the BBC reports. In response, angry Somalis threw rocks and burned tires, shouting,... More »

Scientists Work on New 'Green Revolution'

Solving food crisis will depend on a steady diet of innovation

(Newser) - Food scientists are plotting a new "green revolution" to solve a growing food crisis, LiveScience reports. Facing what a World Food Program official called a “silent tsunami” of world hunger, researchers are working on a sequel to the first "green revolution" of the mid-20th century, whose innovations... More »

Europe Backtracks on Biofuels

Environmental concerns put 10% quota on hold

(Newser) - The European commission is backing off a proposed 10% biofuels quota as scientists warn that the alternative fuels actually hurt the environment, the Guardian reports. “This is all very sensitive and fast-moving,” said a commission official. “There is now a lot of new evidence on biofuels, and... More »

Haitian Senate Sacks Prime Minister

Food riots spark ouster of president's close ally

(Newser) - Amid skyrocketing food prices and deadly riots in Haiti, the country's senate has voted to oust Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis. President Rene Preval, who appointed his ally Alexis in 2006 to lead the country's coalition government, must now choose a new cabinet. The vote came in spite of a recently... More »

Haitians Protest as Food Prices Soar

Capital shuts down as mob tries to storm presidential palace

(Newser) - Hungry Haitians attacked the presidential palace yesterday, demanding the resignation of President Rene Preval over soaring food prices, Reuters reports. UN peacekeepers fired rubber bullets and tear gas to control the angry mob; a week of protests has killed five people and paralyzed the impoverished capital. “If we are... More »

Crisis Looms as Rice Prices Soar

Countries ban exports, chastise hoarders

(Newser) - Rice feeds half the world's population, but this year there isn't enough to go around and prices have risen by 50% over the last two weeks alone. Population growth is outpacing production, and stocks are at a 30-year low after droughts decimated harvests in China and Australia. Countries are banning... More »

World on Brink of Food Crisis

Soaring world food prices spark political unrest

(Newser) - Recent food riots and famine warnings in response to soaring world prices for food staples are only a taste of graver problems to come, the Guardian reports. Food price inflation is at record levels, and global food reserves are at their lowest in 25 years, according to a United Nations... More »

7 Stories