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Congress Overrides Bush Veto

Senate votes 79-14 to pass water resources bill, following House

(Newser) - President Bush was handed the first veto override of his two terms today as the Senate voted 79-14 to pass a $23-billion water-resources bill over his objections that it constituted "irresponsible spending." Thirty-four Republicans defied the president to vote for the bill; the House had voted 361-54 in... More »

Dems, GOP Pounce on Bush Over Water Veto

Congress may unite to hand him first override of his presidency

(Newser) - President Bush is gearing up for another battle with Congress, but his latest fray could result in the first overriding of one of his vetoes, the Washington Post reports. His rejection yesterday of the water resources bill, popular with Democrats and Republicans, is a gamble because it may endear him... More »

2 Stories