John Taylor

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New Clock Messes With Time

(Newser) - Here's something different in a timepiece: It has no hands. It's actually designed to run in erratic fashion, slowing down and speeding up from time to time. It aims to disorient and dazzle, to remind people of their mortality and to pay tribute to one of the most famous watchmakers... More »

Cops Arrest 4 in Taylor Murder

Men aimed to rob football star, police say

(Newser) - Miami-Dade cops arrested four today in the killing of NFL star Sean Taylor, the Miami Herald reports. Eric Rivera, 17, Charles Wardlow, 18, Jason Mitchell, 19, and Venjah Hunte, 20, will all be charged with murder. They aimed to rob Taylor's house and thought no one was home on the... More »

Justin Time: Duran Duran Nets Timberlake

'SexyBack' singer pitching in on band's 12th album

(Newser) - An ’80s British rocker, his supermodel wife and a US musical superstar walk into a bar. This is no joke, the Times of London reports: It’s the launch of another Duran Duran comeback. Four-fifths of the rockers who made girls swoon nearly three decades ago get some help... More »

3 Stories