Philip Martin

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Thompson Co-Chair Quits Over Crooked Past

Cocaine, bookmaking and other charges fell Thompson's longtime friend

(Newser) - Old drug and bookmaking charges felled a co-chair of Fred Thompson’s presidential bid today, the AP reports. Philip Martin stepped down as head of Thompson’s fundraising group after his criminal record surfaced, including charges of conspiracy and cocaine trafficking in the 1970s and '80s. “I deeply regret... More »

Thompson Adviser Busted for Drug Dealing

GOP candidate uses jet of pal once nabbed for cocaine trafficking

(Newser) - GOP White House contender Sen. Fred Thompson has been traveling to campaign stops around the nation on the private jet of his close adviser, fundraiser and pal Philip Martin, a former drug dealer with a criminal record. Campaign officials insist Thompson was unaware of convictions for marijuana and cocaine trafficking... More »

2 Stories