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Vegan Restaurant Bans Bottle-Feeding Cow's Milk

Customers react after sign on door asks parents to leave milk bottles at home

(Newser) - A vegan restaurant in Spain has caused quite a ruckus by posting this on its door: “We like mothers, of all species. That’s why we don’t like bottle feeds based on cow’s milk. Please don’t use them in the restaurant.” According to El Paí... More »

'BPA-Free' Doesn't Mean Your Water Bottle's Safe

Studies point to trouble with replacement chemical

(Newser) - After health concerns prompted a ban on the chemical BPA from our baby bottles, companies have touted the redesigned baby bottles and water bottles as BPA-free. Unfortunately, that label doesn't mean we're in the clear, according to recent studies noted at Scientific American . Bottle makers "put '... More »

FDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles

...Because manufacturers had already stopped using it

(Newser) - Baby bottles and sippy cups can no longer contain the controversial chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA , the federal government announced today. The US chemical industry's chief association, the American Chemistry Council, had asked the Food and Drug Administration to phase out rules allowing BPA in those products in October, after... More »

Don't Touch That Receipt! It May Be Toxic

40% of receipts tested were slathered with bisphenol A

(Newser) - Sheesh: The same toxic chemical—bisphenol A—that's shown up in baby bottles and canned goods is apparently also all over the receipts you get from stores and restaurants, and in much greater amounts. BPA was found in the coating used on cash register receipts in 40% of businesses tested,... More »

Controversial Chemical Leaches From Bottles to Water

BPA levels jump 69% in H2O drinkers

(Newser) - One aspect of the bisphenol A controversy can be put to rest: drinking from clear plastic bottles does increase the amount of the chemical in the body. The extent of BPA's effects on healthy adults is still not well known, but the FDA says existing exposure levels aren't high enough... More »

Breast May Be Best, But Pumps Get All the Attention

Companies praised for allowing women to pump ... but contact has no substitute

(Newser) - The push for regulations that give US moms a place and time to pump their breast milk overlooks a major part of the age-old breast-feeding debate, Jill Lepore writes in the New Yorker. “Is it the mother, or her milk, that matters more to the baby?” Lepore asks. High-tech... More »

Feds Warn of Chemical in Plastics

Common ingredient linked to cancers, behavior issues

(Newser) - A federal health panel warned today a chemical used to make a slew of everyday plastic items—including baby bottles—could be linked to several types of cancer, early puberty for girls and even hyperactivity, the Washington Post reports. The report urges more study and marks a reversal for the... More »

Hot Water Leaches Harmful Chemical From Plastic

Study finds plastic bottles leach chemical BPA in hot water

(Newser) - Hot liquid causes a potentially harmful chemical to leach out of certain plastics much faster than usual, researchers have found. The study, published in Toxicology Letters, discovered that  bisphenol A, or BPA, was released from some common plastic bottles 55 times faster when they were placed in boiling water. Concerns... More »

Why Am I Fat? One Word for You: Plastics

Chemicals in common items may play role in rising obesity rates

(Newser) - Early exposure to chemicals found in common plastics could predispose a person to obesity, scientists suggest. Studies have shown that animals fed the chemicals, called endocrine disrupters, are fatter later in life than those who were not, the Boston Globe reports. Diet, exercise, and genetics are key factors, but "... More »

Dads Move in on Baby Market

As fathers get more hands-on, baby gear is getting less female

(Newser) - As fathers continue to take a more active role in raising their children, the market for baby gear has become less mom-centric, the New York Times reports. And it's not all fishing vests with hidden diaper changing pads. Recent dad-born inventions include computerized baby timers and a nipple adapter that... More »

Bad Plastic: It's Practically Everywhere

And it's linked to infertility, obesity, cancer—you name it

(Newser) - It's in everything from baby bottles to coffee makers to CDs, and research is accumulating, as Salon's Elizabeth Grossman puts it, that it's a major health hazard. Bisphenol A is a key ingredient of the lightweight plastics now ubiquitous in consumer products, and it's been variously linked to reproductive health,... More »

Glass Bottles Breaking Into Baby Market

Fears about toxic plastics are turning back the clock

(Newser) - Glass is the new plastic—for baby bottles, at least. A rash of health warnings about plastic—toxicity reports, cancer risks, even longterm fertility problems—is turning many moms on to the glass bottles their own moms dropped as too breakable. eBay prices are soaring, and bottle distributors struggling to... More »

Chemicals Linked to Obesity

In mice, common chemicals trigger fat cells and "feed me" hormones

(Newser) - Chemicals found in everything from baby bottles to cleaning agents might be triggering the obesity epidemic, causing fat cells to grow and multiply out of control. A Centers for Disease Control study suggests that exposure of mice to chemicals like tributyltin—used in fungicides and plastics—increases fat cells, which... More »

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